SB Unified Holds Budget Study Session

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By the Santa Barbara Unified School District

Santa Barbara Unified School District broke down its budget at Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting as part of its process to be transparent and responsible with taxpayer dollars.

District leaders held a budget study session to review where funding comes from and what money is spent on.

They also discussed what accountability and controls are in place to ensure fiscal responsibility.

SBUSD was able to meet its $210,055,145 budget in the 2021-2022 school year with a surplus of around $7,105,447 that was placed in the reserves.

The district also fulfilled its duties required by Board Policy 3100 to maintain 10% reserves in the budget.

“Sustaining a balanced and responsible budget is essential to everything we do at Santa Barbara Unified. We thank everyone who attended Tuesday’s meeting for providing feedback as we continue to make sure funds are used to support every child in our district,” said Dr. Hilda Maldonado, the district’s superintendent.

The next budget discussion is the first interim review of the current school year at the December board meeting.

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lovesbalot Nov 02, 2022 01:39 PM
SB Unified Holds Budget Study Session

I attended last nights board meeting because I would like to see our LCAP fund..13.9 million be spent effectively and transparently.. Our last two LCAP's don't show who the checks are written to so it is hard to see if it is spent in an evidenced based way. Actions goals are written and next to them amounts. but no specifics on who received those checks. The finance system for K-12 education in California is called the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). One of the major components of the LCFF is the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which is a three-year plan that describes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures to support student outcomes that address local and state priorities. LCAP is 13.9 million dollar fund generated by homeless students, foster youth, english language learners, and students with socioeconomic hardship. CA. education code also states that it must be spent in the most effective manner. Transparency and meaningful stakeholder engagement are key to LCAP as well. Hope our district becomes transparent so we can see specifically who the money is going to, and then we can explore if it is in the most effective means to help these students who are falling through the cracks .

SBLetsGetAlong Nov 03, 2022 08:57 AM
SB Unified Holds Budget Study Session

Poor academics under Dem Rule.
Read the Indy article.
Conservative parents have been fighting against these failed reading programs for years. While the Nick Welch’s made fun, ridiculed & chastised those concerned parents.
Now he says Conservative parents were right & the Dem controlled School Board purposefully sabotaged education. Yes the entire school board has been & is Dem endorsed & paid for. Look it up.

letmego Nov 03, 2022 09:53 AM
SB Unified Holds Budget Study Session

Do you have links to show that Conservative parents have been fighting these reading programs for years? Because I personally know a lot of liberal parents who have also been fighting these same reading programs.

salsipuedes Nov 03, 2022 10:44 AM
SB Unified Holds Budget Study Session

Please stop trying to couch this in mess in political terms. It's about every child deserving the right to read in our public schools, based on science, and how the instructional approaches fit with how the brain learns. It is beyond unfair to blame this on one political persuasion or another, but on clear thinking about reading instruction, which is, sadly missing locally and across the nation.

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