Santa Ynez Water Board Vacancy

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By France Komoroske

A vacancy on the Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District, Improvement District No. 1 (ID1) has opened up and applications are being accepted by ID1’s parent district until May 13 to fill it.  The vacancy was created when ID1’s board president Kevin Walsh (former general manager of the Goleta Water District) was appointed general manager of ID1’s parent district. 

Applicants must live in Division 3, which is roughly the area south of 246/Mission Drive in Solvang from the casino in the east to the western boundary of Solvang.  Whether the applicants must also own property in that area is currently being litigated by ID1, which has sued the County Clerk/Recorder Joseph Holland. 

Board members are paid $200 per meeting and meetings are generally held only once per month.  The board is responsible for the policy and direction of ID1, including setting water rates and fees, adopting water conservation policies, approving compensation for ID1 employees, hiring and firing of law firms employed by ID1, cooperating with other public agencies on water-related issues, setting reserves, and otherwise determining how ID1’s revenues are spent.   

Application forms and other information are available on the parent district’s website at

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RHS Apr 30, 2019 10:20 AM
Santa Ynez Water Board Vacancy

Someone not bought off by the Chumash needs to run for this position. The Chumash are intent on raiding the water basin for both the casino and their new property exploitation.

biguglystick Apr 30, 2019 10:30 AM
Santa Ynez Water Board Vacancy

Dear God, I hope they get someone who cares about the environment in there! Water Board members have a lot to do with development. Take a look at Goleta... once beautiful open farm land, now it looks just like another LA neighborhood with traffic, industry and strip malls. Horrible. SAVE the SY Valley from that, PLEASE! That stupid wine movie has already done so much damage.

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