Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week title=
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week
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By Santa Barbara County Association of Government (SBCAG)

The Santa Claus Lane Bikeway project will begin construction after Labor Day and run through summer 2023. The project will create a new Class I bikeway and multipurpose path to connect Santa Claus Lane to Carpinteria Avenue. This will close a gap in the California Coastal Trail between Sand Point Road and Carpinteria Avenue (see map below). The new bikeway will be constructed in between Highway 101 and the railroad tracks.

As part of the bikeway project, the intersection at Carpinteria Avenue and Estero Street will be updated with new crosswalks, signage, landscaping, curbs and gutters, and bike lanes (see rendering below).  At the western end of the project, a new vehicular turnaround will be built at the end of Santa Claus Lane. 

Driveway Closures on Carpinteria Avenue
Bikeway construction will necessitate closing alternate business driveways off of Carpinteria Avenue for short periods of time. The western first and third driveways will be closed from September to November. The middle driveway will be closed after the surrounding driveways from November to December. Driveways on either side of each driveway closure will remain open. Please see map above for driveway closure dates and locations.

Construction Near Sand Point Road

At the end of Santa Claus Lane, a teardrop-shaped turnaround (see rendering above) will be constructed to allow cars to head west on Santa Claus Lane. Large trucks will be required to enter southbound Highway 101 using the on-ramp.

During construction, access to Sand Point Road will be signed for local traffic only adjacent to the start of the teardrop turnaround construction area. From November to December 2022, access to Sand Point Road will be one lane only. Drivers will need to check for oncoming cars prior to exiting or entering Sand Point Road. Please note that during this time and for the majority of bikeway construction, the Highway 101 southbound on-ramp at Santa Claus will be closed.

The bikeway is being built in coordination with the Highway 101: Padaro project. Please visit to see maps, graphics, photos, construction updates, and descriptions of the improvements.

For more information, please visit our project website at, call us at 805.845.5112, or email the project at

Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara is a project undertaken by Caltrans and SBCAG in cooperation with local agencies to add a new carpool lane in each direction between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara.  Highway 101: Carpinteria is the first segment under construction as part of Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara project.

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a-1661883053 Aug 30, 2022 11:10 AM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

The teardrop turn-around looks astonishingly close to the freeway. It looks like it could cause confusion to people flying on the freeway to suddenly see cars/headlights coming at them so close to the right. I hope there are proper barriers. It doesn't look like a pleasant place to bike or walk.

sb4me Aug 29, 2022 06:37 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

Santa Claus Lane Bikeway is not an exclusive bike facility - those are quite rare. It is a multi-use path that is designed to Class I Bikeway standards. Pedestrians are welcome on this path and are an important consideration for the development and use of the California Coastal Trail in general. One of the stated goals of the project is to increase coastal access, which it accomplishes by providing a safe, non-vehicle route between Carpinteria and Santa Claus Lane.

bosco Aug 29, 2022 01:03 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

Not surprisingly the edhat universe finds a way to complain. This path is a no-brainer. Anyone who's ever biked to Carp from SB (or visa versa) could tell you this gap needed to be filled. The reality is that cyclists looking to sustain high speed (20+mph) riding avoid these paths.

If you're complaining about pedestrians on a multi-use path than you are the problem. It's not hard for bikers and pedestrians to share the pathway. Ride slow (<10mph) don't take up the whole pathway and all is good. The majority (~90%) of people understand this.

sacjon Aug 29, 2022 02:29 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

Zero - hate to be antagonistic, but if a cyclist (or anyone on anything) going 20mph runs into a pedestrian who's walking in front of them, it's 100% the cyclist's fault. I know you get riled up and that's cool, but on this, you gotta admit, you can't go running over pedestrians in the multi-use lane (been that way since I was a kid biking there in the 80s) just like cars can't go mowing down cyclists who refuse to stay to the side of the road.

The East Beach path is used by skaters, roller skaters, peds, bike surries, casual cyclists, handicap, and more. If cyclists want to do their thing unimpeded, they have the bike lane on Cabrillo. I saw a lot of fights as a kid on that path between cyclists and pedestrians and rollerbladers in the 80s/90s. It always blew me a way that some cyclists were trying to go all out on a clearly congested multi-use path.

ZeroHawk Aug 29, 2022 02:15 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

OGSB is right. i'm sure he and I will get a bunch of DV by these thin skinned lame brains that want to do whatever they like. tell yall what, go for it, walk on the bike path and when a cyclist nails you going 20mph, cry all you want. you caused a collision when you could have been safely walking on a sidewalk....which is usually about 5 feet away from the bike paths. I bet these are the same idiots I see power walking on the street in the morning during traffic. Yep....can't use that sidewalk, nope.

OGSB Aug 29, 2022 01:11 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

I never use these paths for this reason. If I'm commuting or going for a ride, it's way safer in the little bike lane along the road. I've crashed too many times, going at low speeds, on the bike paths due to others being clueless. "On your left" doesn't mean veer left people!

a-1661792378 Aug 29, 2022 09:59 AM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

Zerohawk, it is ironic or worse to see you complain that others are seeking "entitlement" when it is clear that you advocate for complete bicycle entitlement over others. Bicyclists have convinced the powers that spend money that they are a superior class of people and should be catered to. Having to avoid pedestrians or joggers or others who use the same off road path you use is not that hard. These people want to be safe from car traffic as do you. And, no, there is often to "sidewalk" for them to use (certainly there is none on Las Positas or along 101 for example). Just learn to share and we will all get along better.

a-1661823080 Aug 29, 2022 06:31 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

Last Friday I dared to try to cross the "bikeway" at the Harbor parking lot. There is a stop sign at the intersection of the path, in fact there are two stop signs. As I walked into the crossing zone two young people came storming through the sign, almost knocking me over. They were followed by two adults (female and male so I assume they are the parents) also traveling at high speed. The male yelled at me and gave me the one finger salute. This is the type of entitled attitude that bike riders evidence everywhere.

ZeroHawk Aug 29, 2022 02:12 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

in fact, i'll just start doing that with the kids I mentor. we'll start riding our bikes on the sidewalks downtown and along the beach. hey, if you aren't going to use your head and some common sense, why should the rest of us? Let's all just do whatever we want! Yeah!

ZeroHawk Aug 29, 2022 02:10 PM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

dude, seriously. it's a bike path. for people on bicycles. you have a sidewalk to walk on. stay on it or get hit by a cyclist. pretty simple. what next? argue with motorists that they should also share their lane with you? over entitled. Safe from car traffic. That is excellent! They stay on the sidewalk! Step onto a bike path, you may get nailed. Fact. Just the same as stepping into a lane on the road. No sidewalks on LP? Um...yeah there is. along the 101? Pedestrians should NOT be walking along the 101. If you want to be that entitled, go for it until CHP picks you up. Sorry, but bike paths are built for bicycles and the people that ride them. You, as a pedestrian have so many other places you can walk, where a cyclist isn't allowed. So how is that being entitled? By sticking to the legal and safe route for bikes that was designed and designated as such. Perhaps all of the cyclists in town, start riding on the side walks and make you guys jump? Same thing as you clogging up a path for people going much faster than your 2mph walking speed. Use your head.

pstarSR Aug 29, 2022 10:17 AM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

"there is no such thing as the east beach bike path" - what else would you call a strip of concrete with painted bicycles on it? designed to allow bicycles ease of transit away from the roadways? this place is awesome

mm1970 Aug 29, 2022 10:04 AM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

@zero, I don't see a sidewalk in the images here. Also, the path at Cabrillo is a multi-use path, not strictly a bike path. Says right on it. Some paths are bike paths only, some are multipurpose.

Ehdat Aug 29, 2022 09:40 AM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

there is no such thing as the "east beach bike path". There is the "Beach Way" path that goes from the Harbor to the Bird Refuge which is a multi-purpose path for "Bicyclist and Others"

ZeroHawk Aug 29, 2022 08:53 AM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

no it's not. you (peds) have a sidewalk, remember those? you see, people on bikes can't ride on the sidewalk. we have a path where we ride our vehicles to stay out of the way of slow moving meandering and wandering peds. bikes in a bike lane are the same as a car in a car lane. would you walk in a busy car lane and challenge cars for driving on it? No, that's suicide. It's no different.

ZeroHawk Aug 29, 2022 08:52 AM
Santa Claus Lane Bikeway Constructions Starts Next Week

they should not be. once again, this causes confliction and ruins certain types of rides when you have to dodge and think for another person. majority of peds on a marked bike path are oblivious and also refuse to acknowledge call outs, like on your left, etc. this causes conflicts ruins a good time, and just serves up more self entitlement.

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