Santa Barbara's South Coast is Now in High Fire Season

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Source: Montecito Fire Protection District

The Montecito Fire Department, in partnership with all other local fire agencies, have declared today, May 3, the start of 2021 High Fire Season in Santa Barbara County.

The 2021 High Fire Season starts two weeks earlier than in 2020. By this time last year, Montecito had received more than 17 inches of rain, according to the Santa Barbara County Flood Control District, marking an average rainfall year. So far in 2021, our community has received about 10 inches of rain, making this one of the driest rainfall years in the last decade.

During High Fire Season, Montecito Fire Department increases staffing ahead of critical fire weather conditions and dispatches additional resources to all wildland fire incidents. Additionally, all burn permits in Santa Barbara County are suspended during High Fire Season.

In preparation for High Fire Season, our firefighters have completed their annual wildland firefighting refresher training. Our stations within the Montecito Fire District will be fully staffed and ready to respond to community needs during High Fire Season.

Our Fire Prevention Bureau continues their work to help community members improve defensible space at homes throughout Montecito. Our Neighborhood Chipping Program remains ongoing and information on how to participate is available on our website. We encourage Montecito residents to schedule a complimentary defensible space survey now by calling 805-969-7762. Starting June 1st, the Montecito Fire Department will begin annual property inspections.

Please take a moment to review our updated “Ready! Set! Go!” educational guide, outlining what actions to take now to be prepared for wildfire. Together, this work will help ensure your family and home are ready for wildfire. To access the “Ready! Set! Go!” guide and other wildfire preparedness materials, please visit

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Channelfog May 04, 2021 04:12 AM
Santa Barbara's South Coast is Now in High Fire Season

Good luck with the "Bum Drive", they don't behave like cattle. They'll be back. It is astounding what it costs to NOT house the homeless. One bum in SF ran up over $200k in police/medical in one year! Camarillo State Hospital was a very good facility that was maligned and shuttered by reagan, adding more mentally ill to the street population. Any housing, including unsupervised, would end up saving tax payer dollars. It's not Communism and it might improve community overall.

CoastWatch May 04, 2021 09:14 AM
Santa Barbara's South Coast is Now in High Fire Season we go again- It's all Reagan's fault. Not that the ACLU threatened to sue the State(s) that places like Camarillo State Hospital were "unconstitutional... "
Vagrants -meth heads and alcoholics are not "the homeless". They make choices and we have to live with their bad choices, even though the County /State pays hundreds of Millions in tax dollars for drug/alcohol counselors, treatment programs, feeding, etc.

Channelfog May 04, 2021 01:57 PM
Santa Barbara's South Coast is Now in High Fire Season

Well reagan was the main snitch who turned Hollywood stars over to McCarthy. BTW he got Nancy off the Blacklist. Yes, left wing politics are also to blame for the closures. Much of the cost to which I referred is direct policing and paramedics, which is disproportionately expensive as opposed to housing.
reagan WAS a first rate Creep!

Babycakes May 04, 2021 08:07 AM
Santa Barbara's South Coast is Now in High Fire Season

"The emptying of California’s state mental hospitals resulted from the passage, in 1967, of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (named for the sponsors, two Democrats, one Republican). This bill, known as LPS, was advanced in response to pressure from mental health professionals, lawyers, patient’s rights advocates, and the ACLU. When fully implemented in 1972, LPS effectively ended involuntary civil confinement of mental patients in California. The Democrat-controlled Legislature passed LPS with overwhelming majorities; the vote was 77-1 in the Assembly, and the margin was similar in the Senate. Gov. Reagan signed the bill......"

Channelfog May 04, 2021 02:05 PM
Santa Barbara's South Coast is Now in High Fire Season

Babycakes- Thank you for those facts. I have always felt that the Citizen has been ill served by both the Republicrats and the Dempublicans. It is so hard to watch countrymen eschew common ground and choose up irrelevant sides.

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