Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara sports enthusiasts now have another reason to cheer, a professional soccer club is coming to town! 

Atop the MOXI Children's Museum in downtown Santa Barbara Tuesday evening, the United Soccer League (USL) announced the arrival of the Santa Barbara Sky Football Club (Sky FC).

The new professional club will include men's and women's teams to begin playing in 2024. 

Sky FC's home games will be at Santa Barbara City College's La Playa Stadium and are set to broadcast live on ESPN+.

The team's founding investor is Peter Moore, former CEO of Liverpool FC in England’s Premier League and Montecito resident.

“Soccer unites communities. With that as our mission, I am proud and honored to announce that we are bringing men’s and women’s USL soccer to Santa Barbara,” said Moore, founder of Sky FC and Santa Barbara Professional Soccer Foundation. “We are a true American soccer town. We are a diverse but united community; we need and deserve a local professional soccer club that can compete on a national level.” 

Sky FC crest (courtesy image)

The team's crest and colors were also unveiled at the event. Terracotta and navy were selected to represent the Spanish-style rooftops and warm dusk sky. Saint Barbara was selected as the center of the design to "represent strength, confidence, style, and beauty." The name Sky represents the town's vast blue sky and mesmerizing sunsets.

“I am pleased to hear of Santa Barbara Sky FC’s inclusion in the USL,” said City of Santa Barbara Mayor Randy Rowse. “Having a professional soccer team in our city will be a great way to get our local young people excited about one of the most popular sports in the world and getting support from La Fundacion del Cielo foundation will be a great benefit to the community.” 

Sky FC will compete in USL's League One division for the men's team with more details on the women's team to be announced soon. 

More information can be found at

(courtesy photo)

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a-1657761744 Jul 13, 2022 06:22 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Rich people with too much money on their hands! Really, there can be no realistic profit to be made from this venture. The community is too small to support a professional team and its associated costs. But have fun.

sacjon Jul 13, 2022 06:30 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

6:22 - No profit, really? I don't know... this town is a HUGE soccer town with thousands of wealthy people ready to spend money supporting a local team. Sure, this won't be on par with an MLB team in terms of profit, but so what? By using an existing stadium, the facility costs will be lower and I doubt players in this league command multi-million $$ salaries. I'm pumped! Local sports like this bring a community together, just what we need!

Go Sky!

a-1657817470 Jul 14, 2022 09:51 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Alexblue Sacjon. Sacjon--so how many people pay to see the SB Foresters? There are club soccer events every weekend in SB for those interested in watching a game involving true local interest. Oh well, a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

Alexblue Jul 15, 2022 08:42 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

470--I don't know a thing about the Forresters, other than that they play baseball, so I suppose you can answer your own question.

Beyond that, there is a world of difference between Club and USL level play and, yes, as SacJon says, a lot more soccer fans in this town. It will be good for the many kids in this area who play and love soccer to have the opportunity to see professional level soccer at home, rather than having to spend a boat load of money to go to a game in LA.

Basicinfo805 Jul 13, 2022 07:30 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

I don’t see it making money either, but I guess if you have the means and enthusiasm go for it. Looks like a rich man’s hobby but sometimes that’s what it takes in professional sports. And it’s a good use of the CC stadium. Interesting logo.

Babycakes Jul 13, 2022 07:57 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Thank you Randy for bringing in this professional team...a lot of h-a-r-d work to make it happen, but worth it!!!
Hotels = happy
Restaurants = happy
Soccer fans = extra happy
Stadium vendors = happy
Parking attendants = happy
Cabbies = happy
All businesses in the harbor area = happy

Not big enough of a fan base? Get-the-front-door-outta-here....someone does not know our demographics in our ares. Plus, any fans from other cities who will be spending money here 24/7 while they are here. Thank goodness Green Bay, Wisconsin did what they done did....think to our future people!

Babycakes Jul 14, 2022 11:37 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

GeneralTree: Randy certainly is working on the homeless problem, that's for sure (a BIG for sure!). A good analogy of what he is dealing with is when a homeowner spent a couple years in an attempt to remodel their home...electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc. He did not have any formal or practical experience, and relied on YouTube and Google "how to" information. Anyway, the owner passed away and his partner had to call in a building contractor to complete all off the unfinished work, which was just about everything. The contractor had to not only undo most of the work, but also fix new/introduced problems. So, that's where we're at with Randy....he is fixing just about everything the last three mayors bungled/fungled and turned a "blind-ey" toward. General, count your blessing that our new mayor is about one thing: all of the people and businesses of Santa Barbara. He also does not have any desire to punish those who disagree with him.

GeneralTree Jul 14, 2022 12:32 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Sacjon - wait - I thought Randy could control the homeless situation and clean up our parks - and visit the southern border to oppose legal and illegal immegration. Didn't the righties in here believe that Cathy could control weather patterns with magic crystals like a Sleestak?

Sun Jul 14, 2022 07:49 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

This could be is high endurance, emotionally strong and mathematically determined much like Saint Barbara...

Saint Barbara, had a extremely tortured life at the hands of her father who because of her strength
was beheaded by him (horrific).
If the club truly wants to honor Saint Barbara and her strength, than the Women's Division must be First, not the mens! Secondly, the Womens Division Players must be paid the exact same salary as the mens division , no less! Otherwise, it's just continued abuse towards women and a dishonoring of Saint Barbara..
Santa Barbara Sky FC are using a strong women as their figure, they need to back the talk with the Women's Division First! Many strong female players are out there and deserve recognition by equal pay.

a-1657819647 Jul 14, 2022 10:27 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Sun--football has nothing to do with the almost certainly false tale of "Saint Barbara" who was reputed to want to stay a virgin to prove her Christian conversion. Daddy wanted her to marry but when she wouldn't the legend says he ordered her beheaded only to be struck down by lightning himself (possibly by the Christian God but more, it might seem, appropriately by one of the gods of her non-Christian father--Thor seems a good candidate). No football, soccer or any other contest involved.

Sun Jul 14, 2022 11:25 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Visit the website about the Crest :
"The Shape of our Crest is Unique. The Shield is inspired by the iconic Architecture that Santa Barbara is famed for. Our Shield is encapsulates and protects all key visual identifiers, from the Club's Name to our "Saint Barbara"

Our region is named after "Saint Barbara".....our Saint is represented at the Center of our Design.....

There is only one Saint Barbara....

Yes they reference Saint Barbara which unfortunately makes it religious... but it is her strength and determination which they admire.... as such, if they are going to use a Women at the center of their design, the least they could do is have the the Women's Division first with equal pay as the men!

Sun Jul 14, 2022 12:11 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Saint Barbara's Day, December 4, is celebrated by the British (Royal Artillery, RAF Armourers, Royal Engineers), Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Armourers, Australian (Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery, RAAF Armourers), Canadian (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians (EOD),Canadian Ammunition Technicians, Canadian Air Force Armourers, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Military Field Engineers, Royal Canadian Navy Weapons Engineering Technicians), and New Zealand (RNZN Gunners Branch, RNZA, Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps, RNZAF Armourers) armed forces.[citation needed] It is celebrated by the Norwich University Artillery Battery with a nighttime fire mission featuring multiple M116 howit

Saint Barbara's Day is celebrated by United States Army and Marine Corps Field and Air Defense Artillery, many Marine Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians.[citation needed] The units and sub-units celebrate the day with church parades, "sports days", guest nights, cocktail parties, dinners and other activities

Sun Jul 14, 2022 11:39 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Without the Women's Division First, it then appears misogynistic... objectifying a women to please... an objectification word...strength and determination are positive...looks like someone one fumbled....

Sun Jul 14, 2022 11:52 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Look at the wall paper behind the crest above in the article , a halo around her head...that is an image of Saint images of Saint Barbara almost identical to the wall paper image

Luvaduck Jul 14, 2022 01:24 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

What percentage of people who pay property taxes cares enough to pay for whatever tax "relief/incentives" or subsidized expenses for buildings and whatever this will take? Typically, being a franchise owner makes people rich and the costs are borne by the public, most of whom wouldn't attend more than once (maybe) if the tickets were $5 a pop. Put it on the same pay-as-you-go basis as the SB ballet, opera, symphony and so forth and see if the promoters will bring it on or their fans will pay for it.

RHS Jul 14, 2022 06:39 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

SACJON, the field you praise was funded by SBCC bonds as was the press conference and space to glorify irrelevant SBCC events. This waste of money from that bond issue led to defeat of the next bond issue. The taxpayers want SBCC to be a college for locals, not a frat house cheering room for old people trying to relive glory days (such as they were or were not).

Eggs Ackley Jul 17, 2022 08:29 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Traffic and vehicle pollution, crowded streets, evacuation hazard say for instance Honda canyon went up in flames and burned to the ocean. Helicopters circling over matches. Increased crime. All a burden on taxpayers/ local residents. Add in the law of unintended consequences. Forget keeping SB unique, we’ve got to keep up with the Jones. All these great ideas coming from folks who know better than the locals “How to Santa Barbara”

edney Jul 14, 2022 11:24 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Revenues from the gate are probably a small part of the revenue puzzle. USL games are on TV. Some of the money would probably, hopefully come from developing players and selling them for a transfer fee to larger clubs.
Her is how a football transfer works:

edney Jul 14, 2022 11:40 PM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

Any ideas why enrollment has dropped 6000 + since 2009 Except because COVID?
Main Campus enrollment 5K in Fall 2021 and was 16K in 2009. The drop was already underway before COVID.
Obviously Online enrollment is up from 2009 but even accounting for that, enrollment is down 6500 students 33%. Did the budget go down too?
Just asking because it looks like we are well on our way back to SBCC being a school for locals rather than an international magnet.

RHS Jul 15, 2022 08:40 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

The drop in enrollment is probably associated with the cooling of the international (and national) recruitment of student tourists to SBCC. SBCC sent recruitment literature across the country. This was pushed by SBCC officials and they even went so far as to advocate for the building of dorms on and near the campus (which seems like an oxymoron for a community college). They claimed SBCC was among the "best" such schools though that is an impossible assertion to verify and pretty irrelevant to the job at hand. When that Dean departed saner heads prevailed and we are starting to see stabilizing population so that the school is actually the right size for the area. One hopes this will continue with staff adequate to the mission and facilities for both that purpose and community extension courses that locals will enjoy.

yacht rocked Jul 17, 2022 10:10 AM
Santa Barbara To Get a Professional Football Club

La Playa Stadium is a great TV venue, with the backdrop of palm trees, the beach, and the blue Pacific on a sunny sea-breezy day. Fans in the stands are incidental to the TV production except for the ones planted there for quick fan shots. Local fan revenue is also likely incidental compared to TV revenue. If you think of it as a TV production rather than a sports event if you're not into the sport, that would probably be more accurate.

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