Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office Responds to Las Vegas Shootings

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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff

The men and women of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office want to express our deep sadness and devastation for the loved ones of those killed and injured in the Las Vegas mass shooting. Our constant thoughts are with the many people affected and forever changed by this tragedy.

Sheriff Bill Brown issued this statement Monday, October 2, 2017, on behalf of our agency. He said, "Our hearts go out to the innocent victims of this senseless atrocity, and to their grief-stricken families and friends. We in the Sheriff's Office stand with our fellow Americans to condemn this evil and mourn the loss of life and the grievous physical and emotional wounds that were inflicted on so many. We salute the swift, resolute and courageous actions of our brothers and sisters in the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, and the heroic actions of all the other first responders, bystanders and medical personnel whose selflessness and skill helped keep the death toll from climbing even higher. Sadly, Santa Barbara County has experienced active shooter mass murder incidents in the past, and we have geared our training and equipment acquisition accordingly in order to be as prepared for any similar incidents to the extent that any local law enforcement agency can be. May God bless America as we come together to grieve in the aftermath of this massacre, and guide us as we search for ways to prevent -- or to mitigate and stop -- such horrific crimes in the future."

As is understandable following a tragedy such as this one, the Sheriff’s Office has received questions from the public about what is being done locally to prepare for mass shootings. While Sheriff’s deputies routinely participate in active shooter training, most recently Fire, AMR personnel and Communication Dispatchers have been included as a way to maximize our effectiveness and get help quickly to those who need it. During large-scale, critical incidents, law enforcement must render the area safe and then help firefighter paramedics into the area affected to safely attend to the wounded. 

On August 16, the Sheriff’s Office, Montecito Fire Protection District, and the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District participated in a joint active shooter training at Montecito Union School in Montecito. The training was followed at the end of the month with a three-day Active Shooter Incident Management Training at the Santa Barbara County Emergency Operations Center. The training was attended by law enforcement and fire agencies across Santa Barbara County. 

The Sheriff’s Office also recently received 50 life-saving trauma kits, which are now carried by deputies assigned to the Goleta Valley Patrol Bureau and are in all of the supervisor vehicles to be used countywide. These trauma kits provide a way for deputies to begin treating multiple victims until more advanced medical personnel and equipment arrive. These trauma kits are in addition to the standard first aid kits that are assigned to every marked Sheriff’s patrol vehicle. 

The Crisis Response Medical Trauma kits were purchased by proceeds from the Goleta Public Safety Grant, which is fully funded by Mark Linehan, owner of the Camino Real Marketplace. Thank you to Mr. Linehan for also funding the Active Shooter Incident Management Training.

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Ducky Oct 05, 2017 01:09 PM
Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office Responds to Las Vegas Shootings

The shooter was also loaded up with ammonium nitrate, commonly used for bomb-making. Could have been so much worse, if you think about that. This country is sick, in and of itself, and needs some comprehensive mental/health care. More gun laws would not have stopped this guy.

a-1591521245 Oct 05, 2017 01:26 PM
Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office Responds to Las Vegas Shootings

Such a ridiculous argument. So what if he had other deadly things? He didn't use them. He used LEGAL guns with a LEGAL modification to make them shoot that rapidly. Of course gun laws (had they targeted the types of guns/modifation he used) would have at the very least limited the amount of bullets he fired. Also, the whole argument (which is frequently used by gun-proponents) that just because he had other means for killing at his disposal, any gun laws would have been 100% based on speculation and therefore INVALID. There's no way for you to know what he would have done without having access to these guns, so please stop relying on that fallacious argument as a basis for opposing gun control laws.

biguglystick Oct 05, 2017 10:43 AM
Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office Responds to Las Vegas Shootings

I am sorry, but this country has a sick relationship with guns. This is a horrible tragedy and a reminder that the law should be in service of the people. The law is not physics, we are not slaves to it. If it is not working then WE SHOULD CHANGE IT. If we can't get away from the warped sick jurisprudence surrounding the Second Amendment, then we need to REPEAL it, bfs! We have not paid for any other provision of the constitution with so much innocent blood and we have repealed and modified portions of the constitution over much less. ENOUGH. Just fix the damned gun laws already. Stand UP to the NRA, (which is a hate/terrorist group right here at home). And for those who claim that changing the laws will have no benefit and only hassle those who "should" have the right to weapons, well, that is just speculation and supposition. We KNOW that the current system is hopelessly broken. We need to give new gun laws a chance. GUN CONTROL NOW!

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