Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location title=
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location
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Update by John Palminteri of KEYT

Funding is coming in and the search is on for a site to build the new Santa Barbara Police Station.

Plans over the years to replace the aging building on East Figueroa Street have fallen apart.  The department moved in back in  1959.  The staff was more than half the size it has today.

Currently there are four possible locations for the new station and all are city owned sites. Other suggestions are still welcomed according to project manager Brian Hess.

The four sites are:

  • the current police headquarters on East Figueroa
  • the commuter lot on Castillo Street.
  • the Commuter lot on Cota Street
  • the "L" shaped  lot on De la Vina and Victoria streets where the Louise Lowry Davis building and lawn bowling are located


Designing the site comes at a time when building costs are going up.  Currently the budget is $80-million. A new site could be chosen and announced by January and then start into the review system.


Source: City of Santa Barbara

On August 14, the Santa Barbara City Council approved the next phase of the new Police Station project. Phase 2 – Site Selection will entail considering all City-owned properties as potential candidates to accommodate a new Police Station and parking structure. These sites ideally will be located in the Downtown area and not in the flood zone.

As part of this next phase, the City would like to consider any viable site locations, including private property. Property owners who would like to discuss the possibility of their property being the location of the new Police Station are asked to contact the Project Manager as listed below. Properties should be in the Downtown area of Santa Barbara, not in the flood zone, and at least half a city block.

The site selection process is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

This work is made possible by Measure C funds.

Contact: Brad Hess, Principal
Project Manager Phone: (805) 564-5373
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a-1591428540 Aug 18, 2018 11:30 AM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

The Macy's building is not a practical solution, because Emergency Response buildings are held to a much higher structural design code than typical buildings. The current police station was built in 1950 and is structurally deficient and is contaminated with lead in the basement firing range. The City tried buying up neighboring properties in the past, but property owners would rather put up large AUDs. The suggestion of having several smaller facilities around town would likely result in duplication of functions and a larger administrative requirements.

destag Aug 18, 2018 12:07 PM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

Exactly and several smaller facilities would not decrease response times. Responses come from the various 6 beats, not the station. The police are not like the fire personnel where they are waiting at their station for a call and have go to their parked vehicles. The only time one will hear a unit responding from the station is when they are there and just going on duty or if there is a Swat Team call out.

REDTOP Aug 18, 2018 08:34 AM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

Spencer Adams Park must not disappear and become a police station! The Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club (est. 1937), The Davis Center and PAL for teens are used by the community on a daily basis. This open green area is refreshing and needed downtown. Additionally, it is in the midst of many apartment residences on three sides. In the evenings, the present parking lot is utilized by customers of The Public Market, The New Vic Theatre, Soho and nearby businesses. Spencer Adams Park with its present attractions needs to be preserved.

Mas Gaviota Aug 17, 2018 12:30 PM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

The city and the SBPD should renovate the current station. With the extra money saved by not building a new ego driven monument, build four smaller substations and still have money left over. For example an eastside, westside, northside and mesa substations. The decentralized approach would lower crime and response times.

horsegirl Aug 18, 2018 02:20 PM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

The commuter lot on Cota is also a safe sleeping site for rv dwellers and the parking lot is really well used. Kicking those people out will surely be a problem. Also the commuter lot on Castillo is always pretty full. What are they supposed to do if that parking is eliminated? All the streets downtown are already congested and almost always full of cars parked

El Barbareno Aug 17, 2018 09:49 AM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

The Army Reserve property at the corner of State and Las Positas would be perfect. It's huge, plenty of room for expansion. But don't be short-sighted and sell the Figueroa St property. Keep it for other police use or city offices.

pstarSR Aug 18, 2018 10:14 AM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

if it was contaminated they would be treating it, they are not. I live close by, they only trim the overgrown weeds and thats about it. I actually think thats a good idea, that building has been sitting vacant for awhile. it has a garage facility onsite for vehicle maintenance, its pretty much setup.

Deeker Aug 16, 2018 05:36 PM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

I agree with MESARATS, put it in the Macy’s building - brilliant!!! What are they ever going to put in that huge space anyway? They can’t even fill the small storefronts on State Street, much less that humongous space. They could use the top floor as a sobering station for all of those on State Street that need it versus arresting them and carting them off to the jail or just citing them on the street and then telling them to sober up while they lie on the sidewalk in their own urine or vomit. Not trying to be gross or inappropriate, it just find it a sad state of affairs for these individuals and for the public who has to walk by them daily. I would imagine that having the Police Station at the mall could also be a deterrent for shoplifters in Paseo Nuevo and other downtown shops as well - another bonus for downtown business owners. They have the big loading dock on the Ortega Street side that they could use to get their cars out quickly. It’s right in the heart of downtown. It’s a great idea! I’m sure that there are zoning issues that the government officials will likely say cannot be overcome, but we all know they could fix it if they wanted to...

a-1591428540 Aug 16, 2018 03:24 PM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

It would be nice to have it located somewhere where the police sirens don't disturb residents when police have to go tearing out of the station. And somewhere where visitors can find a handy place to park. The Galleria (sp?) location would have been a good place, but too far from downtown. How about across from La Paloma, where the iron works place once was----or is that already condos? Bad parking there, too, though.

destag Aug 16, 2018 04:51 PM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

Sorry, just noticed you said Galeria would have been and yes, to far from downtown. Pretty sure the iron works is already condos and with businesses at street level. was just something here about that.

destag Aug 16, 2018 03:51 PM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

Uhm...they don't go tearing out of the station, they slowly drive out to their assigned beat just like they slowly drive back in when it's over. Very seldom are the assigned a code 3 call from there. The Galleria?...I'm doubting Target will be wanting to sell before they even move in.

a-1591428540 Aug 16, 2018 08:28 AM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

After the new police station is built what is the plan for the old station? Will it be demolished and sold to private owners to help offset the cost of the new station? Will the site be used for housing? Or...?

TomTomTomTom Aug 16, 2018 08:08 AM
Santa Barbara Searches for New Police Station Location

$100-120million will be the final price... We'll be hit with new bonds, new sales taxes and a new parcel tax to pay for the excess. The city will tell you it will cost only $75m, but they have never met a single budget goal. not a single one in the 24 years I have been here. Meanwhile, police officers can retire at 55 and receive 100-150k a year for life. Think on that next time you check your bank account and wonder about your retirement.

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