Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

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Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination
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Santa Barbara has been named one the top 7 best weekend getaway spots in North America, according to a list by Tasting Table. Of course, we're already aware of how amazing it is here, but it's always interesting to see how our little blue town by the big blue sea stacks up to others. 

The article points out the Spanish architecture, the palm tree-lined streets, our laid-back vibe, beaches, wine, and fantastic dining that make "... this West Coast darling the ultimate underrated destination." Locals would not call this area underrated, but we'll let it slide.

What are the other 6 weekend getaway locations to look into for your next quick travel? See the list below:

  • Portland, Maine: lighthouses, craft breweries, and museums
  • Santa Catalina Island, California: Just a quick drive and boat ride away from Santa Barbara
  • Banff National Park, Alberta Canada: snow sports, glaciers, and alpine lakes
  • Cancún, Mexico: white sandy beaches, a quick airplane ride, and it won't break the bank
  • Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota: culinary nightlife and music scene
  • Quebec City, Canada: you might feel like you're in France, but nope it's Canada.
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420722 Sep 25, 2017 06:05 PM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

SBPaul-run for mayor!! Lol. You are on the money with your commment. SB is no longer laid back whatsoever, it’s a hustling bustling town that is full of racecar drivers, start-up/entrepreneurial enthusiasts aka trust fund babies, excessive homeless and mentally ill, an extreme mix of dirt poor and Uber wealthy people and an infrastructure that looks like its gonna crumble with the next big storm. We’re are more like LA than anything, far from laid back. I’m all for no more growth. We should have looked at Carp for ideas on how to run a city.

a-1537482477 Sep 25, 2017 04:18 PM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

What a drag. Remember when there used to be some "down time" down on Cabrillo Blvd. and adjacent areas? Not anymore. Remember when you'd be driving on 101 at 9PM and see maybe 50 other cars in a 10 mile drive? I think late August, first 1/2 of September has now become my favorite time here now. UCSB just started up. Gah. Another 23,000 added to the mix.

SBPaul Sep 25, 2017 10:07 AM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

Best places for a "weekend get away." I am not very optimistic about this sort of trophy waving. Being a place people go to "get away" is not a direction I want for our community. If you want to "get away" go to Las Vegas if thats your thing. if you want to experience life then move to where you find it most meaningful and be part of your community if you want to experience culture go to a place that has actually preserved it (not created a disney facade). I have lived in "get away" destinations... Basically thats a way for the City to sell you a bunch a BS about quality of life while they exploit every tourist tax revenue opportunity in sight and refuse to maintain basic infrastructure that its citizens rely on. Oh yeah and then once that does not play out then tell the citizens of the community that taxes must be increased so we can have streets to drive on. We have so much natural beauty at our fingertips there is no reason for us to have to sell anyone on visiting paradise. But walk down state street and you will find all sorts of attempts to distract from the real reason Santa Barbara is special and then walk a few blocks east or west and you will see a community that is trying to make sense of failed city planning and policy.

Flicka Sep 25, 2017 09:47 AM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

Well, Santa Barbara has been a highly rated destination since the 1800s. Winter visitors stayed for months. Some moved here and built mansions in Montecito.

RHS Sep 25, 2017 08:53 AM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

Catalina!??! Unless substantial changes have been made it is a place of trashy hotels and inadequate restaurants and boring attractions. Kitschy tourists shops are the final insult. The harbor is unsafe to swim and the town is dinky. Makes me wonder about the integrity of this rating.

yetti Sep 24, 2017 08:07 PM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

I remember the bumper sticker that came out during the 1984 LA Olympics, "Welcome to California, Now take some one with you when you leave!" It is a great town, without a doubt, but with all of the new congestion from the overbuilding in Santa Barbara and Goleta, you can feel the quality of life slipping. When are people going to want to go back to a zero growth town? Hopefully before its too late.

EastBeach Sep 24, 2017 06:44 PM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

If as the article says, "Spanish architecture, the palm tree-lined streets, our laid-back vibe, beaches, wine, and fantastic dining" are the criteria tourists are using, then I suppose we are pretty good. But "laid-back" has long been on the wane as more and more people move in from outside SB to carve out their own exclusive piece of paradise.

a-1537482477 Sep 24, 2017 11:08 AM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

I have been to all of these destinations and agree with the assessment. I have traveled extensively over the years, and have been to many of the great destinations (Beijing, Buenos Aires, New York City, Paris, Rome, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, Prague, Rome, Athens, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Nadi, .....and a lot of other places in between). As a world traveler, I have had many, many, many wonderful experiences. A bit of advice for those of you who are not well-traveled: don't expect people in non-English speaking countries to speak English, don't expect American-style service from restaurant and other service workers, remove or cover up clothing/apparel/accessory labels if you can (for example, everyone knows you are a "Yank" when you proudly wear your super-excellent REI jacket, hat, pants, and day pack....Yank Alert!!). Shoes/socks are a giveaway - Americans are often identified by their white "sneaker" and socks. Just like in downtown Santa Barbara when you see someone wearing shorts and dress shoes w/dark socks = probably from Germany (or other such place). Those are just a couple of tidbits that will make your foreign travels to places like Quebec City more enjoyable.

a-1537482477 Sep 24, 2017 03:44 PM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

I quite agree with your assessment of coming across as an American in foreign countries, which is why I usually try to blend in with the locals wherever I go. However, it was my experience in Québec City that the second you open your mouth to speak—albeit in high school French because many of the locals either won't or don't speak English—you are met with an arrogant haughtiness and accompanying smirk. And this was even in the pre-trump era, so there was no real reason for it. The Québécoise in the rest of the province were perfectly friendly, however.

REX OF SB Sep 24, 2017 09:49 AM
Santa Barbara Named Best Travel Destination

Québec City? Really? Oh, you'll feel like you're in France, all right, and therein lies the problem. The people I encountered in Québec City were even ruder than true Parisians. I've been a tourist on four contents and have never encountered such anti-American sentiment as in Québec City.

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