Santa Barbara Man Arrested in Connection with Homicide

Santa Barbara Man Arrested in Connection with Homicide title=
Santa Barbara Man Arrested in Connection with Homicide
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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

In the early morning hours of January 18th, 2020, Santa Barbara Police officers responded to 911 calls and found William Pule-Valle unconscious with stab wounds in the 1000 block of Olive Street.
Valle died shortly after being found.  
Yesterday evening, the SBPD Investigative Division arrested Juan Carlos Mendez, age 24, for the murder of Valle. Both Mendez and Valle had histories of Eastside gang association.
Shortly after taking Mendez into custody, the SBPD SWAT team, Crisis Negotiation team, K-9 unit and Field Operations Division served search warrants at addresses related to Mendez in the 800 block of Cheltenham Road and the 3900 block of Via Diego.  
Mendez was booked for 187 PC, 186.22(b) PC, and 190.2(22) PC.  He is being held with no-bail. 

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Katemedina Mar 12, 2020 10:22 AM
Santa Barbara Man Arrested in Connection with Homicide

I find it disturbing that the author of this article (and many others) chose the image of the murderer than the victim. What an idea for someone to have, the sociopath that broke someones family and left a daughter without her father is the image you see when you google his name. No matter the thought process or lack thereof, that image is what everyone is seeing first. Newsbreak, KSBY, this article and when you enter in William's name into google Juan Carlos's picture appears. There is no picture of William. That is wrong. Please do not glorify this mans image. He is a murderer. And lastly, what does this say to ending gang violence? If the gang members see their "homies" picture plastered all over the news you don't think that they will feel a sense of accomplishment? They live for that glorification. I advise you to please rethink this logic. It is so hurtful to the friends and families of William's. The trite belief that we would want to see the monster that took someones life needs to change.

Big_D818 Jan 28, 2020 08:15 AM
Santa Barbara Man Arrested in Connection with Homicide

Ohhh I bet his parents are proud of him. What a disgrace it’s losers like him that make others put down our raza, people like him are a waste of life don’t do anything else but waste every hour of the day.

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