Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

Just in time for Drive Electric week, the City recently installed 30 new electric vehicle charging stalls on the top floor of the Granada garage located at 1221 Anacapa Street in support of the City’s ongoing effort to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality by facilitating electric vehicle adoption.

Transportation-related emissions make up over half of the City’s total greenhouse gas emissions and are the largest source of emissions state and nationwide. Reducing transportation emissions will require a multi-pronged approach, combining active transportation with zero or low emission transportation options, such as electric vehicles. Facilitating widespread electric vehicle adoption is one of the State’s key climate priorities, as illustrated by Governor Newsom’s recent Executive Order calling for all new car sales be zero-emissions by 2035 to support the state goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.

Electric vehicles produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than standard internal combustion engine vehicles, especially when combined with 100% renewable and carbon-free energy, such as the electricity will be supplied by the City’s Community Choice Energy Program, Santa Barbara Clean Energy, when it launches in 2021.

The City is actively looking to encourage electric vehicle adoption through thoughtful and widespread expansion of the City’s electric vehicle charging network and the development of programs that increase access to electric vehicles.

This project was funded by a combination of Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Program, which paid for the infrastructure improvements required to install the stations, and a grant from the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District, which paid for the charging stations.

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a-1601421719 Sep 29, 2020 04:21 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Demanding all electric cars only works only if strictly non-fossil fuel is required to produce the additional auto charging electricity, (Eg: nuclear, sun, wind, hydro, geo thermal). Otherwise, the entire no-fossil fuel car scheme is an exercise in futility. The additional cars that would now, proportionately increases the need for electricity to run them. Transportation currently produces 28% of green house gas emissions. Electricity production currently produces 27% . Cite: EPA numbers. I vote for more nuclear energy production. Otherwise, this is the proverbial robbing Peter to pay Paul. Or, some might call this a conveniently-timed window dressing hoax.

a-1601513803 Sep 30, 2020 05:56 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charge the car overnight: no solar at night; wind not reliable; no hydro; no geo thermal; no nuclear. The honest story is (1) buy an electric car and (2) several Tesla home battery packs - adding thousands of dollars more to the initial cost of the car. Time for all electric car owners to go off the current fossil fuel grid and power their cars only on alternate fuels. That way the rest of us can learn how to do this right by 2035. Will you start now? City should have no charging stations that are still hooked up to fossil fuel electricity. None.

Ahchooo Sep 29, 2020 04:23 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

But do you pay at the pump, so to speak, or is the electricity free to the user? Another question: when we all eventually have electric cars, how will the people without garages or driveways charge up their cars? Will we have electric cords running from houses and apartments across sidewalks? Or will charging stations be installed on the streets?

jimbo212 Sep 29, 2020 04:54 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

“In addition to applicable hourly parking fees, EV owners who wish to use the stations will be charged a fee of $0.25 per Kilowatt Hour for the use of a station.”

ginger1 Sep 29, 2020 10:26 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Here's real-life numbers: For my Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid: $4.25 to fully charge battery. Might not do it in 75 min, so assume additional one dollar for parking. So $5.25 for "a full tank" which get me about all-electric 50 miles. A gas car getting 35 mpg would cost $4.15. Gas wins. But if I charge half way, to replace what was used and have plenty left to get home: That's about $2 for 25 miles and gas would also be $2. A wash.

Here's the winning bet: If you charge at home, the cost is under $0.09 (I pay 6.4cents). So that's $1.08 to go 50 miles. WAY less than gasoline. But wait! It get's better. I've got solar panels so my cost to fuel my car is ZERO. But meanwhile, the City EV chargers are a rip off. Convenient, sure. Necessary, not really. The City, not to mention SCE profits from their use. At the very least they should allow free parking if parked at an EV charger.

That's how many cities in CA do it. Guess SB is in it for the $$$.

PitMix Sep 30, 2020 08:39 AM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Thanks for actual info Ginger. Charging stations are only for people that need to top up to get home. Most charging is intended to be done at home. So seeing charging stations empty means that most people can think ahead and use the cheapest option.

a-1601490846 Sep 30, 2020 11:34 AM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ginger- Your fully charged car only goes 50 miles and takes over 75 minutes to fully charge? I guess that is fine if you never drive out of town, but I wouldn’t want to have to stop twice and charge to get to LA or San Luis...

ginger1 Sep 30, 2020 08:32 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Here's the story: PHEVs (plug in hybrid= elect plus gas): they go 22-50 electric miles per charge before a gas ICE kicks in for (in my Honda Clarity) 320 more miles at 45-50 mpg. The car also works in hybrid mode which would use both the electric motor/battery and gas engine to power the car, at 55-76 mpg. Different manufactures have variations on that theme. My commute is 35 miles per day so charging every night means zero cost to run.

BEV (battery electric, no gas) go 100-300, soon more. Many are now in the 200-300 mile range, like the Bolt, Leaf, Tesla, and our Kia Niro.

Regular old-school hybrids have a tiny battery and run mostly on gas with an electric assist. It's a way to get better MPG, use less gas and feel good but, IMHO, a waste of time and money, especially if you have access to a place to plug it in. But not everyone can plug in. Leaving your car plugged in at a city garage IS NOT a practical or cost effective solution. Big-battery cars are not exactly affordable for most of us. Although in Santa Barbara with Teslas everywhere........The solution will be lower cost cars and affordable and super-fast charging stations everywhere. That is rolling out in Europe and Tesla is doing that is some places here. So soon. We're not there yet.

a-1601485052 Sep 30, 2020 09:57 AM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Like gasoline powered cars don't recycle their batteries? (Not to mention oil changes, transmission fluid changes, leaking oil lines, power steering lines and so forth.) Battery recycling is a messy but established process. Recycling e-car batteries is much less problematic as they are not wet cell units and they last longer.

RHS Sep 30, 2020 01:02 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Pitmix, 9:57 here, you are correct at this time. But it appears that about 50% of lithium batteries are currently being recycled. I remember when lead acid batteries were a scourge and no one would touch them. They were left along the highways because there was a disposal fee otherwise. Now that has been resolved and there is no reason to think that lithium will not also be recycled in an efficient way. But there is also the possibility that a better battery is in the offing. I still think it a good idea to proceed with cleaner vehicles and not be stuck in the known but dangerous past.

a-1601481573 Sep 30, 2020 08:59 AM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Some thoughts and answers: We have an electric car. We charge at home, not at these stations as they are much too expensive but can serve to meet an emergency need. People without garages in our area park their cars in their driveways and charge them from the unit mounted on the exterior of their garage. I assume this because their garage is full of more valuable stuff! Anyway, there is no reason why the car needs to be in the garage to charge. There are other savings in having an electric car: No smog check fees. No oil changes. Little maintenance at all. Quiet and quick drive. And a sense of advancing the fight against pollution. Worth every penny. -

Ahchooo Sep 30, 2020 09:39 AM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Lots of people have no parking on the property where they live, especially in the denser neighborhoods. Some of the older, small houses in the downtown, East and Westsides never had onsite parking. I’m sure charging will be worked out eventually.

a-1601534241 Sep 30, 2020 11:37 PM
Santa Barbara Installs 30 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Approximately 65% of Santa Barbara city are renters. The city is actively encouraging development of new rental units in its AUD program and these are highly restrictive of parking, at most one unit per rental unit. Think 2-bedrooms and 2 cars and on street parking for one of the cars. Much of the residential streets of the East and West sides are fully parked now. These new policies of the city of the present city council, all of whom have cars, to help renters in fact are discriminating against those with EVs unless the city provides multiple charging stations for each block. ...Not likely to happen but maybe it will in 2035 when CA intends to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles.

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