Santa Barbara in 1975

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Santa Barbara in 1975
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Amazing video of SB in 1975. Filmed in part by helicopter. Blew me away, even though I've been here all my life. Enjoy! Ah, the good old days...

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toadster Sep 07, 2018 06:07 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

I miss summer evenings watching live entertainment with a fine meal at El Paseo; and listening to grampa relating old local tales at the Copper Coffee Pot; cruising the Blue Onion - and bagging some great burgers at Petersens. Think I got the heart of the local watermelon

Flicka Sep 04, 2018 01:48 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

As far as "less" traffic goes, it's the same today on the freeway if you pick the right time. We live in Carp and don't go to SB during commuter times so the traffic is pretty much the same as on this video. Many things look the same as today. Thanks for showing us this.

a-1536082081 Sep 04, 2018 10:28 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

OK, remarkable how the place looks so much like today. I arrived in 1975 and wanted to see if my memories were correct--they appear to be so. A couple of shots showed my office window! But the film is a flattering treatment of the touristy best. Where was the traffic back up at the lights that stopped Hwy 101? What about the scruffy people around the Fig Tree? While housing in Hope Ranch and Montecito is spectacular maybe there could have been some showing of the more humble neighborhoods? And what happened to that big wheel bicycle sculpture?

a-1536083404 Sep 04, 2018 10:50 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Lake Cachuma with water in it was a nice sight. This video doesn't show cigarette smokers everywhere like they were. At least that change is nice.

Baseball guy Sep 04, 2018 09:59 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Please don't be so shocked at the lack of people. If time stamp on the video is correct it's 6:30AM ! Bet it looks very much the same today, at that same time. Yes, Castagnolas, Olive Mill Bistro, The Somerset Restaurant, spending the day inside the El Paseo Restaurant the day of the Fiesta Parade courtesy of the Perez brothers - and a REAL Harbor restaurant on the wharf!! Nothing lasts forever, except the fond memories. Not a 'townie', but 50+ years here and travels all over the US and globe - NOTHING beats Santa Barbara, even today.

a-1536101412 Sep 04, 2018 03:50 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Actually the marina (at least Marina 1) is configured completely differently than it was in '75 as seen in the helicopter video.

a-1536091889 Sep 04, 2018 01:11 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Um, 6:30PM, not AM. I don't know why people expect more of a change in a helicopter view ... the street layout is the same, the courthouse is the same, the mission is the same, the ocean is the same, the marina is the same ... there are numerous noticeable differences if you look closely, like El Paseo, car design, no suicide barrier on the bridge ...

a-1536085173 Sep 04, 2018 11:19 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Wow, don't know where you are traveling but I can think of tons of places that beat Santa Barbara - especially today.

Crystalandmaui Sep 04, 2018 08:22 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Love Santa Barbara, this Video looked really peaceful, I really noticed how few cars on the road, nice.
Santa Barbara still looks the same, a little more of it now, it’s just harder to see it with cars, but I see people enjoying it every weekend.

a-1536070990 Sep 04, 2018 07:23 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Many places still look the same around town. I really loved seeing how vibrant El Paseo was. Everything was also so green and full of water. I miss the many water fountains on State St.

EastBeach Sep 03, 2018 09:08 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

What's that @4:40? Looks like a wishing well? Reminds me of the courtyard off Presidio Plaza behind the Anapamu post office, another place I used to run around as a kid.

a-1536031738 Sep 03, 2018 08:28 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

I wasn't around to see Santa Barbara in 1975, but honestly it looks about the same to me in many places that were in this video. The Wharf obviously has changed and there are clearly a lot more people. Odd that they almost completely left out the mission in this video though, or did I miss something? Seems like it would be a major landmark. Parts of Goleta, on the other hand, have changed immensely, even just in the last 10 years.

Ryan93105 Sep 03, 2018 03:27 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

I'd gladly accept the SB of today as equal to back then if 2 of the following still existed:
Rusty's Lighthouse
Emptiness where the Bacara is
The arcade behind the 7-11 near DP

tagdes Sep 03, 2018 08:57 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Seriously, Lighthouse Rusty's. This video is about the mid 70's not something that was only here a few years and just closed a couple of years ago. Do you even know who the Castagnolas were. This is about "the good old days". I think they mean older than pre funk zone.

Ryan93105 Sep 03, 2018 08:19 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

You take a woman to the Lighthouse Rusty's after a walk on the SB Pier, and then follow it up with a purchase at The Mermaid's Chest (hate that this place had to close), and you might as well queue up Marvin Gaye on repeat at your place afterward.

EastBeach Sep 03, 2018 02:20 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

The courthouse footage reminds me of the bakery on Anapamu, Irene's. Great cream puffs! I used to play in El Paseo as a kid, the watchmaker (Mr. Good) used to give me money for Thrifty's ice cream when I visited. And Tecolote's was a great bookstore to wander in. That penny farthing bicycle at the beach was Open Air Bicycles, one of the first bike rentals in town (Jeff Paley ran it). That jogger looked like he was wearing one of those old "Hang Ten" shirts with the two feet logo. The shots of the bird refuge and muni courts bring back memories playing there - serve & volley with wooden racquets! You can see the helicopter's shadow in the Cold Spring bridge shots.

surfergirl69 Sep 03, 2018 01:21 PM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Great film ! Brings back memories. I was looking for my little Morris Minor woody, but I might have been at Haskells that day lol.

Lucky 777 Sep 03, 2018 09:43 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

What a delight! I'm shocked at how few cars there were on the roads, we've gotten used to the present congestion and forget how nice it was. And what an ambitious helicopter project.... there were no drones then! Thanks for posting this, reminds me with great nostalgia of how the city looked to me that year, when I came to visit and never left.

pstarSR Sep 03, 2018 09:29 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

wow, things have changed. thats what I remember SB like when I was young. wish it was still that way

Factotum Sep 03, 2018 09:16 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

Wonderful memories. Video should be required viewing by every young architect in town who collectively are trying to foist their version of boxy, edgy, post-modern brutalist design on our unique, softer and organic architectural heritage. This video is proof positive of what makes Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara. Cherish it. It still works.

REX OF SB Sep 03, 2018 08:48 AM
Santa Barbara in 1975

I particularly liked the scenes of El Paseo courtyard in the days before the "trust" organization allowed El Paseo to be turned into private office space. One of the worst—if not THE worst—travesties the downtown has ever seen.

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