Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

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Gimli Apr 15, 2022 11:31 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Funny cartoon. The sad part it is very true. I bet that tiny island is around $8,500 a month in rent or cost more than 2 mil to buy.

CoastWatch Apr 15, 2022 12:10 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I'm sure a cargo ship will come by that can take you to Lompoc or Santa Maria. Like most who got into the housing market, you can't start in Beverly Hills...

Mas Gaviota Apr 15, 2022 03:03 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Hey CW you need poor folks in this town so that there is someone who can change your Depends when you make a stinky.

CoastWatch Apr 15, 2022 03:57 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

@Ms. Gaviota- Witty, most "workers" who don't qualify or accept government handouts for housing and such, do this thing called "commuting"... Yeah, it's a sacrifice. but it's the only way to bump up to homeownership. It gets tiresome listening to all the whiners about housing costs- GTFO and get a life somewhere else- It's not our responsibility as taxpayers to supply your SB lifestyle... I'd love to live in the Malibu Colony, but it ain't in my means.

Mas Gaviota Apr 15, 2022 05:10 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

CW it must be past your naptime. What really gets annoying are the smug entitled types like you that assume every one is looking for a handout. I will not elaborate on the many special tax breaks that the real estate industry gets. Safe to say that they love their gubment cheese. The cost of housing is an unavoidable expense. Your in home car giver that lives in Lompoc has to drive about two hour per day to service you. Say they do that five times a week. At $15 an hour, that makes the opportunity cost of that commute $600 per month. I know that you get sleepy with all this figuring so I will simplify the gas, insurance, depreciation and maintenance costs for that drive . That months worth of driving is about 1,080 miles, multiplied by the the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate of $ .585 per mile, means a cost of $629. So costs your diaper changer over $1,200 per month to make that commute. At that point they can choose to work closer to home or charge you more for their services. Then you can whine about the extra cost or change your own diapers. The high price of housing adds to the cost of many many good and services are around here.

CoastWatch Apr 15, 2022 07:32 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

@Ms Gaviota (again)
I KNOW, I did that commute for 20 yrs as I first bought a crap house and fixed it up in Santa Maria while working in SB. Then sold it 2 yrs later and upgraded and bought in Orcutt, TWICE. Then finally bought a 700sq ft SB "house"... BTW, I'm still 25 yrs from diapers pal... BUT, I do feel the pain of those who have to pay BIDEN's and the Green Democratic agenda's high fuel costs now... The lower income and service workers who are supposed to be represented by the East Coast Liberal Green Progressives are paying the price for their BS ideology... Vote accordingly.

edney Apr 15, 2022 09:08 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

More Seagulls,
I may need someone to change my Depends some day.
I will be grateful that someone made that choice, but at the same time I will be sad if they've made a career of it.
Hopefully anyone involved in changing Depends will listen to my counsel. This is a temporary assignment to pay bills, not a career, do a great job where you are at and move on quickly

forrealnews Apr 15, 2022 04:01 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

That picture is actually my dream! I'll never forget when I first moved here for college (to think that I thought it was expensive back then). I looked at a "studio" that was barely within my college student budget. My mom accompanied me. When we opened the door there was a single bed next to my ankle, a tiny kitchenette about 8 ft from the door and a toilet literally out in the open. FOR was a closet that had been made into a "studio" and not even a big closet at that. My mom started yelling at them that this was pure robbery.

edney Apr 15, 2022 06:25 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Was I your landlord?
Just kidding. My rental space was a garage. These days that's a 3 bedroom.
I bought it plumbed with a laundry room and a toilet, so I added a shower.
It was better than anywhere I'd lived the previous 8 years. Still am friendly with my old tenant

a-1650066793 Apr 15, 2022 04:53 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Haha yep! You need to be a millionaire or an 8th generation local whose family passed down land and track homes to be able to get into the housing market here.

It's also not just about affordability but investment firms and foreigners purchasing with all cash without even looking at the property is pricing out the local workforce who saved for years to get enough for a down payment. The past 2 years have been pretty insane, just go to an open house and see for yourself.

a-1650071883 Apr 15, 2022 06:18 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I think the US may need to look at our laws regarding home purchases by foreigners. It really is an issue in many places. Homes are for living in, and yes, they are an investment. But they shouldn’t be _only_ an investment. Some foreign investors don’t even rent out their properties. Not sure that’s the case in SB, but it is some places. Probably true of domestic investors, too. Seems to be the case with some downtown storefronts: investments, but kept empty, not being used as stores. (I’m all over the place. Sorry.)

edney Apr 15, 2022 06:18 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I disagree.
Watched many of my friends and their families I grew up with need to move out to cheaper pastures. My family moved away when I was 18 and I didn't go with them.
Studied the problem and figured I needed to work a lot of hours, save a lot of money.
I tried to combine work with a housing component, but lived in a van, a garage, a metal garden shed, camped a couple of summers. Saved for a 10% down payment and bought the worst house in the best neighborhood I could afford which was on the Mesa between The Wilcox and Shoreline. I kept working extra hours, took the mortgage interest deduct, made a cool little rental space in the old garage with shower, bath room, laundry and a "kitchen".
I fixed the house up, made it look cute and after four years sold it. I took the profit and took advantage of the first $250K of profit is tax free IRS rule and bought a crappy house in an even better neighborhood. I did this 4 times. It was hard. Lots of hours, lots of work, lots of times I thought I'd lose it all, screwed no one along the way. It can be done
My advice is if you want to stay in SB start working, saving when you are right out of high school or college. Don't wait until you are 30.

edney Apr 15, 2022 09:02 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I hear you and understand, but don't blame a "bogeyman", but also understand there are rules.
Rule 1: You are going to need more money than you think.
Rule 1A: You will need to work harder, longer than you would like
Rule 2: Victory #1, Buying your first home is just the start of Chapter II. Plan accordingly

SB_93117 Apr 16, 2022 08:00 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

This is so sad but true and really unfortunate. EDNEY mentioned the exact way you buy property in SB if you don't have family that bought it decades ago or if you're not wealthy. We tried, but we work in non-profit and we didn't want to spend 20+ years working JUST to own a home. That's basically most of your time, including your weekends when you're supposed to be recuperating or having a life. We had kids (foster kids, adopted kids) and worked VERY long hours EVERY day for decades. We moved every year for 21 years because the landlords kept selling the home or raising the rent by HUNDREDS every year. CRAZY!!

My family WAS in SB for generations. We did own a home in Montecito (when I was in my teens) but the taxes were so high we had to sell. Then began our journey of working to barely make rent and not have a life. 

SB is bad. Really bad. People are stressed, angry, and exhausted for the exact reasons EDNEY mentioned (working night and day). So after having family in SB since the 1900's the last of us (me) moved to another state. The only thing left is my cousin's painting in the SB courthouse.
I can't believe the difference!!! We now have a 2-story 5,300 sq ft home, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, pool and a cabana, private basketball court, 3 car HUGE garage, a separate shop for hubby, neighbors who TALK TO YOU and actually CARE about people! When you put your vehicle signal on, people LET YOU IN, not squeeze you out! I had to relearn how to drive!

Unlike SB, the roads are beautiful, they are literally always making improvements, and the local county offices are filled with NICE PEOPLE! The DMV here (might want to sit for this one) called ME back because I had a question about a license! I about dropped to the ground!
I still work in SB for now and return about every 6 weeks. The difference between TX and CA is palpable. And I mean the MOMENT you hit CA. Not just in gas prices (I paid $3.36/gal last night) but in how people drive, talk, act and think.

You might say good riddance to me (as so many smug people on this thread have said to others) but, really, what are you working your entire life for? A home you haven't enjoyed for 30 years because you've worked night and day including weekends? Children you haven't seen for the same reason? Neighbors you don't know because you didn't even have time to say hello? That was our life and to THAT I say good riddance!
I do NOT feel that somebody else should pay for anybody's way in this world. People are on unemployment but yet employers are desperate for employees? How? Why? Employees want to work less, earn more, and be low quality employees with no regard for coming on time and showing up. Sickening. 

Someone has to pay but YOU shouldn't pay for ME. One (big) issue is that people who can charge outrageous prices for rent, do. And people who are desperate to live in "paradise" [insert laughing emoji] will keep working their family to death to pay for it.

I've never been happier in my life to have a home I can actually (finally) enjoy! I truly feel bad now for anyone who thinks there's value in working 3 jobs to save enough to buy a home that you have to keep working those 3 jobs just to keep. There's just nothing in SB (especially now) that creates this kind of value for me to work that hard to own a home I rarely see and never have time to enjoy. I have only remained working in SB because I run non-profit businesses that are necessary for the community.

Housebuilder Apr 16, 2022 08:56 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

It's not sad at all.

We make choices. Your choice was to sell your Montecito home, and have lots of free time. That was a fair trade you made.

My choice was to work my ass off so I can live by the beach. I'm not going to complain about all the vacations I didn't take, or the new cars I never bought.

SB_93117 Apr 16, 2022 09:00 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

It was not a choice we made unfortunately. The taxes in our area rose so much (due to overinflated home prices) we could no longer afford to live in the house my great-great-grandfather built with his own bare hands. That's not a choice, but it is sad.

MY choice was to have a life and live in an even bigger home, in a better neighborhood, and a nicer community. That was my choice and I'm so glad I made it!

SantaBarbaraObserver Apr 16, 2022 10:52 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

This is false. CA property tax assessments do not rise significantly unless there is a transfer of ownership. If there was a transfer, you either purchased the house or inherited in order to receive its tax liability. Sounds like you inherited the house and now live off the proceeds... so what are you whining about exactly?

SB_93117 Apr 16, 2022 12:14 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Wow, assume much SBOBSERVER? How can you start off by saying "false" and then "unless?" Not that it's your business, but because I have so much extra time on my hands living in beautiful Texas, I will say that my grandfather passed away and left the house to my mother and two other relatives. In order for them to get their cut we had to sell the house because the taxes were so high we could no longer afford to live there. We did not live off of the proceeds. My mother and I moved there years ago to take care of my grandparents and aunt. By the time we were done paying for all the medical bills and selling the house, we had nothing. And nobody's whining except you :D

letmego Apr 18, 2022 09:54 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

"We now have a 2-story 5,300 sq ft home, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, pool and a cabana, private basketball court, 3 car HUGE garage, a separate shop for hubby, neighbors who TALK TO YOU and actually CARE about people! "

Well, good for you? I think 5300 sq ft is ridiculously excessive, particularly in its energy usage, for any family of fewer than 10 people. Although, I suppose if you are in TX where it's hot all summer, you'd need some indoor "play space" (likewise, cold places in the winter and their decked-out basements.)

I dunno about you, but I live in a fabulous neighborhood where I know a lot of my neighbors, and we have a regular standing potluck every week - and this has been going on for 30 years at least (I've only joined for the last 8 or 9...)

a-1650121793 Apr 16, 2022 08:09 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

What's sad is the number of SB natives that can't afford to buy in our hometown but rent here because this is where we want to be. When colleagues from anywhere else say how fortunate I am- yes, I am but I do remind them I pay to play here. My friend on Cape Cod always reminds me "how expensive it is" - she is shocked every time (I visit her every few years) when I say it's the same price as SB.

SantaBarbaraObserver Apr 16, 2022 08:44 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

There is no birthright in the US. In fact, this is one of the main reasons our country was founded. To escape birthright land ownership and religious oppression. However, we as a nation are losing our freedom from oppressive ignoramuses AKA, "the church", as the Rightwing ideologues continue to embrace and enforce christian nationalism and theological rule. At least we're not excluded from owning property because we were not born into a certain family... yet.

a-1650296155 Apr 18, 2022 08:35 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Weird how you lay blame at "the church" and Rightwing ideologues when here in CA where we have a single part rule that isn't influenced by either of those. You're right though, we are losing our freedom from oppressive ignoramuses', you just haven't yet realized yet who those ignoramuses are.

a-1650124139 Apr 16, 2022 08:48 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Edney - so true. Sadly I'm a native who didn't do that but I have a great deal with my current landlord. A bit under market, nice safe place so I can sock away some $$.

Housebuilder Apr 16, 2022 08:50 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I bought my first house in S.B for $250,000 in 2009. It was a teardown. I bought my second house in S B. in Hidden Valley for $550,000 in 2010. A three bedroom on Pallermo. I fixed it up and sold it for almost $900,000. I bought my third parcel of land for $420,000 built a house that's now worth over 3 million. And I'm just a carpenter!

My point being that it's too late to get into S.B. cheaply now. Just accept that. But there are other places that haven't risen in price yet, that in ten or twenty years will be the best S B. Get ahead of the curve, and go there!

Lompoc, Guadalupe, Los Osos are waiting for you. Like they say on American Idol, "Take that song and make it yours"

Basicinfo805 Apr 16, 2022 09:43 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I’m glad this thread came up because we’ve heard from some great posters who realize you can’t expect the government to “afford” YOU a home in Santa Barbara, or anywhere else (think Manhattan, San Francisco, Aspen, you name it…).

One way to do it - work very hard, make sacrifices along the way (new car, expensive vacays, the latest phones, purses, lattes at Starbucks every day…I don’t think so) and invest in your own abilities to afford a home.

Another option - realize that this rat race isn’t for you (if that’s you, because everyone’s different) and move elsewhere, where as one previous poster said it well, things are different in a very good way. I’ve seen it in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, for example. People (total strangers technically) say hi to each other, wave, smile. They don’t go cutthroat at the stoplight, the freeway, the line at …<fill in the blank> stores.

I don’t care how long someone’s lived here, there is no entitlement to that individual more than there is to the person who just showed up here yesterday. If the latter is willing to work harder than you to make it work here, well, they’ll deserve what they can earn.

Everyone, everyone has choices to make.

SB_93117 Apr 16, 2022 12:31 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I totally agree with you! I don't think it's about deserving, at least not from my perspective. But it is about history, especially family history. It is sad. It is sad because I've spent my life growing up in this town, I have memories with my family and my relatives. Street names are named after my family and now it's a town I can't afford to live in. Well, we can afford to live here, but I don't want to live under a palm tree on a sand mound, like the cartoon illustrates. You are so right about it being significantly better in other states. Our neighbor across the street figured we'd be here for Christmas so she bought this HUGE poinsettia for us and gave it to us when we pulled up. ALL of the neighbors have welcomed us happily, wave as they go by, and one neighbor even gave us a FABULOUS pecan pie! Best we've ever had! They always say to reach out if we have any problems or need anything!

People here are are just so kind. So incredibly different than our former neighbors and, really, most people you encounter.

tinker1 Apr 16, 2022 06:01 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

I agree. I did this I sacrificed and worked hard for years to live here. I have a colleague that is single, no family in town and is about to be displaced from her small rental for the fifth time in 3years. Not worth it.

Luvaduck Apr 16, 2022 10:27 AM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

No one is guaranteed the "right" to live wherever they please. Some places are crazy expensive b/c they are so desireable. SB is one. So is Manhattan, much of the Bay area and Seattle, but greater SB is a much smaller area so there are fewer close-in work arounds. Cleveland on the other hand......

JB86 Apr 17, 2022 11:12 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Good discussion here. I was one of those who did a six-year commute from Lompoc to scrimp and save and eventually buy a modest home in Goleta. A lot of stress in that course, and I don't know that it could work nowadays with those Goleta homes going for $1M plus. My view is that young folks should go elsewhere to make their fortunes, then maybe someday come back to SB if they still want to. Our three children have taken that path and have good lives where they have gone, and I don't think will return, unless one decides they want to live in that modest Goleta house they might inherit . One thing I'm sure of; government can't fix the problem.

mp805 Apr 18, 2022 03:51 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

JB86 - you mentioned govt cant fix the would you be against the Rent Controls they are currently discussing at the city council?

CreekMoe Apr 18, 2022 03:15 PM
Santa Barbara Housing Cartoon

Robinson should sell his fictional island. And move to a place with facilities. And water or food.
Normal people who not able to afford a place, settle elsewhere. ie in trailers, apts, older hoods, etc
And move to low rent states and cities. and work to pay bills.
Only in SB and LA do Governments try to house the helpless. What would China do???
These helpless folks left their homes to come here. And Lib cities not enforce laws on litter or on
camping, etc. And to make matters worse, they bring in the eager ones from other countries to keep the housing costs high. and at least they not homeless - or get government payments to relocate. there are many places with empty housing problems. I can see a win-win?

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