Santa Barbara Fair & Expo Highlights

Santa Barbara Fair & Expo Highlights title=
Santa Barbara Fair & Expo Highlights
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By Robert Bernstein

The highlight of the Santa Barbara Fair for me is watching the All-Alaskan Racing Pigs do their races! They really do race and jump hurdles!

Here are my Santa Barbara Fair photos as well as a video clip of one of the pig races!

We started out listening to Ukulele Jim perform while we ate Chinese food from the Fair food court

Then we watched "The Magic of Frank Thurston" which offered participatory fun for kids

We then explored the arts pavilion which had some varied art:

As well as Chef Ray Duey of Torrance who does an intricate carving of fruits and vegetables at lightning speed. He carved little bird earrings for us out of a carrot:

Most of our time was spent with the animals. For some reason most of the animals this year were goats which were fine with us. We both love goats! And the goats also enjoyed nibbling on my shirt as we fed them!

There were plenty of other animals, too, including some beautiful alpacas:

But, as I say, the highlight for me was the pig racing! Here is my video clip of one of the races!

In our modern, high-tech world, the Fair offers good old-fashioned fun at a low price!

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