Santa Barbara County Offers Emergency Survey

Santa Barbara County Offers Emergency Survey title=
Santa Barbara County Offers Emergency Survey
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Source: County of Santa Barbara

Take this Survey! How Can We Reach You in the Event of an Emergency?

In order to best reach you in the event of an emergency and provide you and your family with accurate, up-to-date emergency information, please take a few moments to respond to this brief survey by September 16. This information will be vital in helping County officials and public safety personnel know how and when to best contact and inform individuals during and in the aftermath of local emergencies. 

The survey is linked below and at the County’s preparedness and recovery website,


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a-1594005782 Aug 28, 2018 11:19 PM
Santa Barbara County Offers Emergency Survey

I'm annoyed with this survey. Numerous times they asked if you would want to be notified if you were not directly in harm's way. SB COUNTY: HOW DO YOU KNOW IF WE'RE IN HARMS WAY OR NOT????? We could be out for a run, housesitting a friend's house, attending a party, literally ANYTHING! If there is an emergency, notify everyone for God's sake. The Office of Emergency Management royally F'd up the Holliday Fire notifications and then stated they notified everyone when they definitely did not. There are a multitude of reasons why everyone should be notified: teen children home alone who don't register for aware and prepare (same for elderly people), being in a different location than our own home, etc. This survey is ridiculous, why don't they get it?

pstarSR Aug 28, 2018 05:16 PM
Santa Barbara County Offers Emergency Survey

Wow, after all the crying and complaining about how this system is used, the response is "contact google......" cant win with you people, gezzus. they are asking for your input to make it better, a better hand holding, tell me how to live my life, I cant take care of my own well being system. but instead, we get snarky..... hmmm yay edhat

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