Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

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Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier
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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County is officially back in the purple tier as of Tuesday morning and the Public Health Department (PHD) breaks down what that means.

During Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, PHD Director Dr. Van Do-Reynoso explained that after Governor Newsom ended the regional stay at home order on Monday, every county reverted back to the color-coded tiers of the "Blueprint for a Safer Economy."

The state projects most of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacities will exceed 15% in the next four weeks. The projections are based on current ICU availability, measuring community transmission, regional case rates, and hospital admissions. 

Dr. Do-Reynoso feels the Regional Stay at Home order helped to limit the disease transmission during the toughest time of year, the holidays. It helped the state avoid even higher hospitalizations and fatalities and it could have been much worse without the order, she said. 

From January 11-25, there was a 23% decrease in active cases, 42% decrease in hospitalization, 13% decrease in ICU cases,  and a 34% increase in cumulative deaths. Over the last two weeks, there has been a decrease in most areas throughout the county except in Santa Barbara where the data was static, and an increase in Isla Vista.

The "Blueprint for a Safer Economy" is designed as a gradual reopening process as we're still in a precarious moment within the state and our county, said Dr. Do-Reynoso.

While Santa Barbara County is now back to the strictest purple "widespread" tier, the guidelines are less stringent than the recent stay at home order. 

Dr. Do-Reynoso confirmed a new Health Officer Order has been enacted where private gatherings are now allowed but limited to three households, outdoor only, with masks and social distancing. Restaurants are able to serve outdoor meals again, bars and breweries can reopen outdoors as long as food is served, and wineries can reopen for outdoor tastings only. Museums, fitness centers, and faith services can open outdoor. Personal care services can open at 25% indoor capacity and tourism/individual travel is now allowed.

Currently, the county is reporting a 49.5 adjusted case rate per 100,000 population, a 13.3% testing positivity rate, and 19.3 health equity metric. To reach the less restrictive red "substantial" tier where more businesses will be allowed to reopen indoor operations, the county must be below 7 case rate per 100,000 population, and 8% or lower for testing positivity and health equity.

Tuesday's Numbers

On Tuesday PHD reported 256 new cases and 8 deaths. Seven of the individuals were 70+ years of age and one was 50-69 years of age. Seven individuals had underlying health conditions and two were associated with outbreaks at congregate care facilities. Four resided in Santa Maria, two in Santa Barbara, one in Goleta, and one in Lompoc.

There have now been 275 COVID-19 deaths in the county.

Currently, there are 2,063 active cases including 192 hospitalizations with 51 patients in the ICU.

Vaccine Update

Regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, Dr. Do-Reynoso confirmed 65-75% of vaccines have been administered throughout the county. The remaining vaccines are not available as they all have upcoming appointments attached to them.

The COVID-19 vaccine is released from the federal government, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), to states and to national pharmacy chains. Some local pharmacies (CVS and Walgreens) have been engaged in a federal partnership to specifically vaccinate long-term care residents including those in Santa Barbara County. 

The county receives vaccine allocation from the State of California and PHD receives an allocation from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on a weekly basis. The amount of vaccine that can be requested by a county is determined by the state and is based on a formula that considers the unique demographics of each county. Vaccine that is allocated from the state to a county is distributed in several paths.

Vaccine from the state is allocated to Multi-County Entities (MCEs) which are health care providers that function across county lines. In Santa Barbara County, the only MCE is Dignity Health. Allocations given to MCEs are intended to then be allocated to regional hospitals. In the case of Santa Barbara County, this is Marian Medical Center.

Allocations are also given from the state to the PHD. These allocations are then distributed to local partner health providers. These include all health care facilities that have signed up as providers and registered to receive the vaccine conduct community vaccination clinics at various locations and facilities.

Currently, there are 38 local health care provider sites, which include hospitals, clinics, providers, and pharmacies within our county that are receiving vaccine allocations. These partner providers have the capacity to vaccinate community members as we continue moving forward. Hospitals received the largest allocation of 22,525 followed by clinics at 18,700, then pharmacies at 32,00, and health care providers at 400.

In addition to allocating received vaccines to area providers, Santa Barbara County Public Health Department also provides vaccinations at community vaccination sites called PODs, as well as at county health centers. 

The County’s Public Health website has a vaccine page which includes information about the vaccination process, including how to sign up to schedule a vaccination appointment. Community members may also call 2-1-1 for personalized assistance in scheduling a vaccination appointment.

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NostraChumash Jan 27, 2021 12:50 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Hey guys..
If you "Can't wait" for someone to confront you regarding mask wearing..let me know where, & you'll get your wish.
I can be anywhere in town in 20min.

NostraChumash Feb 01, 2021 06:43 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Hi Ides...
I'm decorated military, ex-pro kickboxer & captain of the prison boxing team when I was there..
So, it's not "internet tough guy"'s just "tough guy".
20 min.

Idesofmarch Jan 31, 2021 12:29 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Hey NOSTRACHUMASH, if you're outside your home you're able to not wear a mask if you're more than 6 feet from anyone, though you "must have mask handy" per the rules that appear on the graphic on this article. Its been awhile since I've seen an internet tough guy who threatens others, thank you for the e-nostalgia, it gave me a good chuckle.

CoastWatch Jan 26, 2021 08:12 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Can't wait for another smug-masker to make a snide comment while walking my dog outside with no one around... and yet he came towards me to verbally pop off. LOL!

sacjon Jan 27, 2021 05:50 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

PSTARSR - yeah it "literally says" that, followed by, in all caps, "WITH SOME EXCEPTIONS" - being outdoors more than 6 ft away is one of those exceptions. Why are you insisting you're right, when it's so clear (literally in all caps) that you're wrong? 6 feet is pretty damn close. You think he was walking his dog within 6 feet of a stranger, even before the stranger "came towards" him? Lol just admit it

dukemunson Jan 27, 2021 05:43 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Pstarsr - it’s ok to admit your wrong... in fact it’s it’s much much better than doubling down when you are wrong. The scenario clearly sounded like someone coming from further 6’ away to confront someone. Like you the person seemingly was convinced that everyone outside HAS to wear a mask. You don’t have to if you can distance... and someone violating that distance to tell you off is the one in the wrong. So you are wrong... but, no harm no foul! Just don’t keep doubling down on it...

pstarSR Jan 27, 2021 05:22 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

it literally says right there in the header for the bottom section. "Masks must be worn outside...." then the person I responded to said someone came up to them and "confronted" them about a mask. to me, thats someone being around someone else. and may or may not have been 6 feet. so that fits. no things made up here. glad you guys read what the poster actually said before jumping to conclusions.

letmego Jan 27, 2021 01:36 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

@ZEROHAWK, the kayak story gave me a giggle. Here, let me kayak close to you to yell at you for not wearing a mask.

Tho I did run in a mask yesterday, along with a warm hat and sweatshirt. Kept my face warm.

sacjon Jan 27, 2021 09:54 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

ZERO - that kayak story is hilarious! I used to paddle out there all the time and I would be tipping my boat laughing if I saw some people furiously paddling at me to yell about the germs I'm blowing around out in the ocean haha! I've been out at the beach a lot walking with my family and dog and I keep my mask handy so when I see someone walking toward me with a mask on, I throw mine on quickly. It's just a courtesy at that point. As much as I harp on others about staying safe, I think wearing a mask while you're outside, especially at the beach, is silly..... unless you are walking past a group of people within 6 feet, which you really shouldn't do anyways at the beach.

Ahchooo Jan 27, 2021 09:47 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

I wish people would stop denigrating others who choose to wear masks in their cars and other places the complainers deem unnecessary. And I wish avid maskers would not harangue people without masks who are far away and minding their own business. People are getting so obnoxious about all of this.

ZeroHawk Jan 27, 2021 09:03 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

PSTAR, you're wrong. misinterpreting things is dangerous and causes a lot of stupid problems. i bet you drive alone in your car with a mask on? it does not say anywhere that you have to have a mask on just for being outdoors. that's just ridiculous and lacks all common sense.

ZeroHawk Jan 27, 2021 09:02 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Coast, i've been out on the kayak, near the green buoy marker out from the wharf and had two older women paddle towards me and yell at me for not having a mask on. this was several months ago. I've had people take more than 100 steps towards me in the middle of the beach, and yell for me to mask up. these are the same people that drive alone in their car with masks on. i have a compromised respiratory system. i know good and well when i should have a mask on or not and really don't need anyone's help deciding when.

sacjon Jan 27, 2021 08:43 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

PSTARS - yeah, only required outside your home except for the multiple exceptions, being outside and more than 6' away from someone being one of them. No requirement to wear masks while walking your dog, unless you are within 6 feet of people from outside your home.

dukemunson Jan 27, 2021 08:06 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Pstarsr- no it doesn’t say that... did you actually look at it? It says it’s required UNLESS you can maintain 6’ distance... which it sure sounded like this dog walker was.

pstarSR Jan 27, 2021 07:56 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

its required outside, it says it right there in this press release. sorry you were flustered by a mask proponent(who was someone around you). probably wants to get out of a pandemic.

MountainMan4865 Jan 26, 2021 07:27 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Where was the jubilation of 73 less hospitalized yesterday... and where is the horror of an additional 80 hospitalized today? Our numbers have crept up and down by a dozen at the most, but usually by single digits. Where is the absolute alarm over today's numbers?

a-1611715134 Jan 26, 2021 06:38 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Back in Oct of 2020 95% of the US Covid-19 deaths were over 50 according to AARP. I do not call 50 elderly. More current number may differ. (One assume that the vast majority of those in nursing homes were included in this statistic.)

a-1611717325 Jan 26, 2021 07:15 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

I must share a disgusted snort/chuckle. I resisted making a comment, assuming she meant "take care OF" the elderly...

Health notice: limit your time on social media. Be well!

a-1611715668 Jan 26, 2021 06:47 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Total BS, just pulled out of a nether orifice by the social media liars.

Here are the CDC demographics as of January 16.

Total deaths: 347131
Total deaths in nursing homes, long term care facilities, and hospice: 86319
That's only 25%.

Assuming by "elderly" you mean 65+
Deaths: 281,179
Even that is only 81%

See for yourself at

RHS Jan 26, 2021 06:03 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Please, folks, let's not rush out to overwhelm and pollute this moment. Continue responsible behavior and follow science by masking and distancing as appropriate.

Voice of Reason Jan 27, 2021 01:39 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

There is a very good reason people flaunt the recommendations, several actually, that have already been discussed to death on EdHat so not going down that road agian.

letmego Jan 27, 2021 01:35 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

@VOR, yep, despite the recommendations I will continue to see people
1. Flaunt the recommendations
2. Then complain that their kids aren't in school
and finally
3. Put their kids in private school because of #2.

Voice of Reason Jan 27, 2021 01:28 PM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

Letmego, you can not require people to not gather with people outside their household. You can encourage people not to, inform them why it should be avoided or minimized, but requiring/mandating/forcing people not to gather is 100% in violation of The United State Constitution.

letmego Jan 27, 2021 08:37 AM
Santa Barbara County is Back in the Purple Tier

The list of requirements are very handy. It's too bad I will continue to see people gathering with people outside their households...despite the requirements.

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