Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days title=
A local resident receiving the COVID-19 vaccination at a Public Health clinic (Credit: SBC Public Health Department)
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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County Public Health officials state if the recent decline in COVID-19 case numbers continues, the county could reach the orange tier in 10 days.

To be eligible for the orange tier, the county must average fewer than 28 new cases per day. The recent seven-day average of new cases pers episode is 25. 

"This is really really good news," said Public Health Director Dr. Van Do-Reynoso, although an uptick due to Easter and spring break activities is anticipated.

If the downward trend continues, Public Health Officer Dr. Henning Ansorg anticipates the county will be eligible for the orange tier in 10 days which makes it possible to increase capacities at restaurants and live entertainment venues.

Vaccine Administration Increases

Santa Barbara County has been allocated 222,910 vaccine doses and approximately 83.9% have been administered with the rest committed to upcoming appointments.

Approximately 45% of the county's population over the age of 16 has received at least one dose of the vaccine with another 15% with scheduled appointments. 

Dr. Ansorg stressed the importance for herd immunity stating the county would need 85% of residents to be immune to the virus either by vaccination or recovery from infection. He estimates the county could reach 60% by the end of April but encourages residents to encourage friends and neighbors who are not yet vaccinated.

Vaccine Appointments and Opportunities

The Public Health Department's week-long COVID-19 clinic starting Monday in Santa Barbara is currently full with 9,930 appointments reserved. However, there are still appointments available through pharmacies, hospitals, and primary care physicians.

Starting April 15, a mobile clinic will bring vaccines to vulnerable communities. There are teams in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc that have partnered with churches, housing developments, agriculture sectors and more to help people get vaccinated.

The Public Health Department is also beginning a phased rollout of the My Turn scheduling platform offered by the State of California. The My Turn tool is part of an effort by state health leaders to organize California’s broad reaching vaccination drive, consisting of public and private health systems, pharmacies, hospitals, community health clinics, pop-up sites, and mobile sites.

The Public Health Department will offer a Johnson and Johnson vaccine clinic in Santa Maria on Friday, April 16, 2021 at Allan Hancock College. Appointments will be released on Monday, April 12, 2021 at

First-dose clinics moving forward will be released via the My Turn portal. Persons needing a second dose will receive an email one week before their second dose is due. They may also call 2-1-1 and select option 4 one week before their second dose is due if they need assistance scheduling. Those needing a second dose will not need to register for My Turn.

“Vaccination is one of the most important tools we have to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. The State has said if we continue on the positive trajectory we are currently on with decreasing cases and hospitalizations we can fully reopen schools, businesses, and resume our most enjoyed activities soon. Everyone 16 years of age and over is eligible to receive the vaccinations that have been shown to be very effective and safe,” said Dr. Ansorg. “Please continue to wear a mask, stay at least six feet from others, and if you test positive, please isolate immediately. We are almost there.”

The Santa Barbara County Call Center remains open daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.     Call 2-1-1 and press option 4 for vaccination assistance. For more information about COVID-19 vaccination, how to schedule appointments for the vaccine and for information and updates on the vaccine, please visit

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MountainMan4865 Apr 09, 2021 05:49 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

Wait - but we went from Monday with 21 new cases, Tuesday, 23, Wednesday, 28, Thursday, 20, Friday... 119. How could opening up be possible with such an upswing?

Oh, you're offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

MountainMan4865 Apr 09, 2021 07:22 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

Considering the Guardian and Rueters, among others are having AI write their article for them... This one's from over a year ago...

a-1618021821 Apr 09, 2021 07:30 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

5:49 PM - Perhaps you should read the PHD site a little more carefully. Did you notice the little nugget about the 119 number including 65 cases from January? And did you notice how many of the "adverse reactions" were attributed to "fainting"?

MountainMan4865 Apr 09, 2021 10:10 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

OH, Wow... That's super scary. I didn't make that comment. FUD is a reddit term "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt". I have been advocating against using lingo from a different platform... wow. and there it is, under my name. wow.

Alexblue Apr 10, 2021 11:30 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

Who failed high school chemistry? Did that person claim that homeless camp fires were equal to amazonian deforestation in terms of impact on monarch butterflies? Definitely wouldn't take advice from a self proclaimed scientist who made such a ludicrous claim.

a-1618019335 Apr 09, 2021 06:48 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

We may be 10 days from orange, but the other orange counties south of us have descended on Santa Barbara in mass this weekend. Interesting to see a completely jammed maskless occupied "trolley" running around downtown this weekend. Tourismo has arrived in mass without masks and/or distancing regardless of the red "rules".

Britinsb Apr 09, 2021 07:38 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

You know, every now and then I get frustrated that the Indy and Noozhawk disabled their comments on news articles, but it only takes a quick visit to threads like this to set me right.

a-1618022809 Apr 09, 2021 07:46 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

From the Public Health Department website: "4/9/2021– Today’s numbers include approximately 65 cases from around January 2021 which were backlogged and are now being reported due to a reconciliation at the State level."

a-1618087836 Apr 10, 2021 01:50 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

We're lucky that SARS-CoV-2 does not have a high rate of mutation, like influenza viruses do.

Vaccination will limit the pool of infected people in which mutations arise, so it's a key strategy in stopping the potential breakthrough variants from popping up.

PitMix Apr 12, 2021 02:40 PM
Santa Barbara County Could Reach Orange Tier in 10 Days

Was out this weekend, no mandatory lines at TJ's until a crowd shows up, no cleaning of the carts, people could come in the water store at will, no limit. Seems like the public and businesses have already voted, we are in the tangerine tier. Only thing left is the mask mandate.

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