Santa Barbara Bowl Under the Moonlight

Santa Barbara Bowl Under the Moonlight title=
Photo by Joe DeLise
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By Ian Stowers

SB Bowl looks dope under the moon.

By Joe DeLise

Jackson Browne under moonlight. (see above)

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Gimli Sep 09, 2022 10:51 AM
Santa Barbara Bowl Under the Moonlight

Last time I was at the SBCB was in 2017 to see Bryan Ferry (founder and former member of Roxy Music.) He was in his early 70's and still looked good and sang like he was still in his early 30's. Fantastic concert! I also saw him there as well in 2014 and around 1983 with Roxy Music. The opening band (which was to my surprise) was The Stranglers. One of one of my all time favorite bands from England. They started out in 1974 playing in pubs, and in 1977 they released their debut album titled 'Rattus Norvegicus IV'. Excellent album!!

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