Santa Barbara Airport to Remove Contaminated Soil from 2019 Plane Crash

Santa Barbara Airport to Remove Contaminated Soil from 2019 Plane Crash title=
A private C-130 aircraft made an emergency landing, crashed and caught fire at the Santa Barbara Airport on August 25, 2019 (Photo: Mike Eliason / SBCFD)
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By edhat staff

The Santa Barbara Airport will begin a remediation project next week at the location of the C-130 aircraft crash and fire in 2019.

The project will take place on Airport property nightly starting on April 5th through Thursday, from 12:01 midnight to 5:00 a.m. until the beginning of June.

The purpose of this project is to remove contaminated soil from an aircraft collision that took place on August 25, 2019. After 10:00 p.m., a private C-130 Hercules aircraft, owned by International Air Response and is typically used for disaster relief, made an emergency landing, crashed, and caught fire at the Santa Barbara Airport. There were seven people on board and all of them escaped the plane without injuries.

The plane departed from the Santa Maria Airport and was expected to land at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The FAA reported the plane experienced hydraulic problems shortly after departing. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) cited system failures as the cause of the crash in their official report.

Langan Corporation, a professional environmental services organization, will lead the project. All excavated soil removed will be taken by truck to Kettleman City for disposal. Excavated areas will be backfilled nightly with clean soil, according to the Santa Barbara Airport.

Impacts to normally scheduled Airport Operations, including Commercial Air Service, are not expected. Langan is working closely with Airport Administration and FAA to ensure safe and efficient operations throughout the project, the Airport states.


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