Santa Barbara Airport in Normal Operations

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Update by the Santa Barbara Airport
11:45 a.m., December 17, 2017

Flight operations remain normal at Santa Barbara Airport.  In the early morning hours, four flights were cancelled due to the scheduled aircraft not being at the Airport overnight for the first departures of the day.  Normal arrivals have since restored schedules, however, the Airport recommends that travelers remain aware of any possible airline-specific scheduling changes.

Santa Barbara Air Traffic Control received assistance yesterday from other nearby air traffic control resources, but today the tower is operating fully with its own control staff.  

Travelers also can follow the Airport on Facebook and Twitter for updates, as well as find schedules for all carriers on

Update by the Santa Barbara Airport
1:25 p.m., December 16, 2017

At this hour, Santa Barbara Airport and the airspace surrounding Santa Barbara remains OPEN.  United Airlines has, however, cancelled its remaining flights for today.  American Airlines and Alaska Airlines flights have continued to arrive as scheduled.  However, both airlines recommend checking for flight status, as the situation can change.

By an edhat reader

I've been hearing conflicting reports about the Santa Barbara Airport. Does anyone know if it's closed or not? I heard a lot of United flights were being cancelled.

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