Santa Barbara Airbus Postpones Reopening Due to COVID-19

Santa Barbara Airbus Postpones Reopening Due to COVID-19 title=
Santa Barbara Airbus Postpones Reopening Due to COVID-19
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Source: Santa Barbara Airbus

As California and the rest of the country see surges in COVID case numbers, Airbus’s LAX service will remain closed. Private charter bus operations will resume this month.

As COVID-19 cases surge across the state and nationally, Santa Barbara Airbus has made the difficult decision to keep LAX operations closed until 2021, the company had originally planned to begin LAX service on December 14th.

“2020 has been a challenging year for the travel industry, at this time we do not feel it would be responsible or sustainable to begin LAX service as COVID numbers continue to rise” states Samantha Onnen, General Manager at Santa Barbara Airbus.

Travel Trepidation

Prior to Thanksgiving guidance was issued to avoid gatherings and travel, paired with Santa Barbara County moving back to the purple tier the reopening climate has been tough. ICU bed utilization has increased as well positive cases continue to be identified making further restrictions likely. 

“Providing a safe environment for our staff and passengers is our number one priority. With cases on the rise, that goal is harder to reach as of now,” said Onnen. 

Looking forward to 2021

Airbus, like the rest of the world, eagerly awaits 2021. They remain poised to begin LAX shuttle service when the time is appropriate. 

Reservations for December 14th to January 31st will be fully refunded. Bookings are open for February 1st and on with the hope better times ahead. Private Charters are available and operational. Please call the office for more information


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