Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year title=
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Sansum Clinic, one of the oldest non-profit outpatient clinics in California, [Friday] announced the start of its 100th year. From its origins with Dr. William Sansum, the first U.S. physician to both develop and administer insulin for diabetes, to its current day operation with 220 doctors in more than 50 specialties and service lines, caring for patients in 800,000+ visits annually across 22 different locations, Sansum Clinic has evolved to treat its expansive roster of patients with a highly-trained staff using the latest research and state-of-the-art technology.

“We stand on the shoulders of many who have helped bring us to this moment,” remarked Kurt Ransohoff, MD, FACP, Sansum Clinic’s CEO and Chief Medical Officer. “We will always be proud of and committed to our important mission: partnering with our community to deliver healthcare during any challenge, whether that be during wartime, economic recessions or this current pandemic.”

Sansum Clinic is the largest independent non-profit outpatient healthcare organization between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area.  Our history is intertwined with that of our city, which has always been advanced in the medical sciences despite its small size.  Inspired by the collaborative process wartime doctors used to efficiently care for soldiers during battlefield triage, Sansum Clinic’s first physicians led by Dr. Rexwald Brown formed Santa Barbara Medical Clinic in 1921.

Their approach – specialists operating in their designated fields while consulting and cooperating with others in the same clinic – was a new concept within medicine but proved to be the optimal way to effectively and affordably treat patients. This same multi-specialty model functions and is our cornerstone today; residency or fellowship-trained physicians coordinating and collaborating to offer care. These doctors alongside a compassionate staff deliver a personal type of service to patients, grounded in the highest standards of quality, ethics and professionalism. This has garnered Sansum Clinic numerous accreditations from state and federal agencies for excellence in healthcare.

From our top-of-the-line surgery centers and imaging machines to the world-class Ridley-Tree Cancer Center, our investment in infrastructure and medical advancements is a hallmark of Sansum Clinic. Many departments including Cardiology, Urology, Radiology and Ophthalmology use the latest technology and protocols available to treat patients. Our physicians received training using this first-rate equipment and our patients reap the benefits it provides.  Since our earliest days, strong ties to our community and the generosity of many within it have brought these advancements to our clinic. These important partnerships combined with the guidance of Clinic leaders and Trustees have created deep bonds and lifetime relationships, producing civic efforts to enhance health and overall quality of life. Sansum Clinic is a unique model in the healthcare landscape with its ability to deliver a high level of care in the most compassionate way possible. 

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Basicinfo805 Jan 09, 2021 03:15 PM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

Happy 100 year anniversary Sansum. Unfortunately, as a physician and a Sansum patient I'm embarrassed by a lot of what I see coming from them. Their customer service, organization, and administrative staff earn a big D grade, consistently. They have some serious work to do. Docs themselves overall are more of a B grade in my opinion. Some are fine, some aren't. Let's hope they start to step it up, especially in terms of training their support staff who often appear lazy, disinterested, and sometimes straight-up rude.

a-1610285523 Jan 10, 2021 05:32 AM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

Basicinfo I used to work at Sansum and you are spot on. While there are a few good docs there, the really good Sansum doctors usually left there to open their own practices, e.g. Dr. Kupperman. (One of the "last of the greats" and unfortunately now retiring.) The support staff have always been largely leaving much to be desired, especially in the area of cleanliness.

RHS Jan 09, 2021 06:00 PM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

I am a long time user of Sansum services and disagree that they provide such shoddy care as is claimed by Basic. I do agree that there are occasional confusions about the co-pay and a sometimes assembly line process for some services. But when I have questions I pose them and they are answered. People need to have some responsibility for their own situation and that means doing some research and asking good questions and reporting correctly what their problems are.

yin yang Jan 09, 2021 09:04 PM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

I'm surprised at Basic's comment, but everyone has their own experience. Though why a physician would use a clinic they don't approve of is beyond me. I could use another clinic if I thought it necessary and my insurance is through Covered CA.
I've had very good PCP's, and Pesetas Urgent Care (specifically the beloved Dr. Anderson!) have been wonderful. I was deathly ill in the 90's, Sansum Urgent Care knew enough to inform ER of my impending arrival, and my docs, aside from Cottage, were from Sansum and, well, I'm still here. (Dr. Kupperman, I will never forget you.)

yin yang Jan 09, 2021 09:09 PM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

and Mike Lawson at Sansum physical therapy! Talk about going above and beyond!! What he did for my family member... He is amazing; an angel. I called Sansum admin to let them know. Many others also. I worked in hospital admin, at Rehab Institute before it was taken over by Cottage, as we always knew would eventually happen, mostly due to reimbursement rates. I have an idea of how medical care works.

d8vanilla Jan 10, 2021 04:33 AM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

I would give basicinfo805 a thumbs-up , but since I stopped being a paid subscriber, I'm unable to do that..... thumbs UP basic....And, thanks for speaking up.

Summertime Jan 10, 2021 06:55 AM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

Wow, I'm so surprised at all of these negative comments. I guess I've been lucky, I've been going to Sansum for twelve years and I have never had a bad experience. I have three doctors and for me - they have been wonderful. Thank God we have such a fantastic medical clinic that my insurance allows me to go to.....

d8vanilla Jan 10, 2021 08:34 AM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

One of the Doctors I saw, said he couldn't spend more time with me,because they are limited to the time they spend with each patient, and if he went over that time, he would get into trouble. And, WHY wasn't he recommending for me to get a full scan, after removing a growth off my neck???? After the nurses left, and talking with him a bit, I blocked that doctor from leaving, until he did an almost full body look-over, and he did burn of few things off. And, when I saw an eye doctor, for routine eye exam, ( I had better than 20/20 back then), WHY did he tell me I had an ulcerated cornea, that might run in my family, and the next eye doctor I saw, said I did NOT have an ulcerated cornea , and was confused as to why the other doctor said I did.

TJTom Jan 10, 2021 08:59 AM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

I agree that BASICINFO805 is spot on regarding "Their customer service, organization, and administrative staff earn a big D grade, consistently." When we complained about how difficult it was to get an appointment (Both on hold phone time and weeks to months to see a doctor) the Sansum appointment scheduler's response was "We have enough staff, the problem is that we have too many patients." That was not at all helpful!

buckwheat Jan 10, 2021 03:55 PM
Sansum Clinic Begins 100th Anniversary Year

Like SUMMERTIME, I have been a very long time patient at Sansum and haven't had the bad experiences others seem to have had. My primary care physician takes as much time with me as I desire and the specialists I see are great.

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