Rocket Launched Successfully on Friday

Rocket Launched Successfully on Friday title=
Rocket Launched Successfully on Friday
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Source: Vandenberg Air Force Base

Team Vandenberg successfully launched a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket carrying a National Reconnaissance Office payload from Space Launch Complex-6 here, Friday, Jan. 12, at 2:11 p.m. PST.

Col. Greg Wood, 30th Space Wing vice commander, was the space launch commander.

"This was an incredibly important launch for the 30th Space Wing and our mission partners," said Wood. "The entire team - the 30th Space Wing, the National Reconnaissance Office, United Launch Alliance, and others – worked hand-in-hand to ensure this launch was safe and successful. This was an outstanding effort by everyone."

This satellite was launched aboard a Delta IV Medium (5,2) configuration Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle. Established by the U.S. Air Force, the EELV program provides assured access to space for Department of Defense and other government agencies.

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macpuzl Jan 14, 2018 02:35 PM
Rocket Launched Successfully on Friday

Part of the pre-liftoff sequence is igniting a string of spark emitting devices at the base of the launch structure to burn off hydrogen and oxygen that may have pooled around the rocket after leaking out of pressure relief valves during delays in the countdown. Those orange segments of the rocket (that got blackened) may be a coating to protect the rocket during such a burnoff.

Concerned4Calif Jan 14, 2018 09:02 AM
Rocket Launched Successfully on Friday

Did anyone else notice the large flare-up immediately before the launch? The entire side of the rocket was sooted black by this flame up. That can't be normal.

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