Riverbed Fire in Lompoc Near Homeless Camp

Riverbed Fire in Lompoc Near Homeless Camp title=
Photo: Santa Barbara County Fire Department (SBCFD)
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Update by the edhat staff

At 6:20 p.m. Friday, fire crews from Lompoc and Santa Barbara County responded to Central and A Streets in Lompoc and discovered more than a half-acre fire in the riverbed.

The fire was located near a homeless encampment and was quickly extinguished.

There were no injuries and the official cause is under investigation.

Photo: SBCFD

By Bob on the Scanner

I'm hearing a report of a brush fire happening now in the Lompoc riverbed. This is near Rucker and McLaughlin Roads.

Helo and ground response. Appears to be a homeless camp fire. My signal is garbled so anyone jump in if they hear more. Thx.

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