Rincon Classic 2019

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By David Powdrell

If you dabble on social media, you know that the 2019 Rincon Classic was among the best of the best.  Near perfect surf, sunny skies and incredible local surfers from the 805.  Chris Keet and his band of volunteers stuck their landing again this year!  Conner Coffin reigned as champion, then defined himself as a pure hero by turning his winnings over to Chloe Brown, daughter of recently deceased surf standout, Chris "Brownie" Brown.  Not a dry eye at the awards ceremony.

How lucky are we to live in paradise with the Queen of the Coast in our backyard and so many incredible surfers from 6 to 86 years old?  

It was a Rincon Classic for the ages.  

Winner: Conner Coffin

Runner Up: Kilian Garland

Longboard Winner: Cole Robbins

Short Board Winner: Dane Reynolds

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Flicka Mar 31, 2019 09:51 AM
Rincon Classic 2019

Great pictures, thanks. I have a friend who said when he surfed Rincon (often) the water was so cold (pre-wet suit years) you couldn't stay in too long. The surfers would build a big fire on the beach, surf awhile then come out to get warm. Rotated so not too many in the water at the same time. Of course, there weren't as many surfing in those years.

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