Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining? title=
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By an edhat reader

The state and local COVID-19 guidance dictate restaurants are only able to serve delivery and takeout meals until the lockdown is lifted. I've seen several restaurants downtown and in Montecito serving outdoor diners, and in one case indoor diners. What's going to happen to these businesses if they continue to rebuff the rules?

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Voice of Reason Jan 12, 2021 04:41 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

I'm still at a loss for an answer to my original question. Can someone please explain to me how CA has been having an insane spike in cases with no indoor dining for 6 months, no outdoor dining in nearly two months, while FL (among other states) has had unrestricted indoor dinning since end of September and their cases (per capita) have been significantly less than ours since they opened?

Voice of Reason Jan 13, 2021 08:36 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

There is zero misinformation in my post. Oh, but CA tests more! Well, to date CA has performed 895 tests per million residents, FL has performed 1241 per million residents. Source: _____FACT: CA has more covid cases per capita than FL: ______ So I will ask again, ____"Can someone please explain to me how CA has been having an insane spike in cases with no indoor dining for 6 months, no outdoor dining in nearly two months, while FL (among other states) has had unrestricted indoor dinning since end of September and their cases (per capita) have been significantly less than ours since they opened?"_____ Instead of grasping at straws trying to argue with me I recommended opening your mind a little. This is my third time asking this question, still now answer....

pstarSR Jan 13, 2021 08:07 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

I really want to know your "agenda" why do you keep trying to derail this issue with false information. what do you gain from this? im guessing you own a restaurant or something. because the MAIN thing you post is outdoor dining. Sorry your restaurant is closed VOR, but seriously. its for the betterment of everyone. its called being part of a community. not being part of a singularity.

PitMix Jan 13, 2021 07:26 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

VO?, why do you keep posting misinformation? Shouldn't you be on Parler? "But wait! Isn’t California much bigger than Florida? Indeed. California has nearly 40 million residents; Florida, about 22 million. Control for the difference and the picture changes. Florida has more cases per 100,000 residents. More deaths, too."

NostraChumash Jan 12, 2021 12:00 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

See?..the proof is in the downvotes..
"How DARE a person expose our selfishness"
I was'nt born entitled, so it's easier for me to view from outside of the circle of immaturity.

ZeroHawk Jan 12, 2021 09:30 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Gene the owner of Joes and several other diners is doing this. I've already had a few choice words for him. This is quite ridiculous. These people are not health officials, nor are they anyone with authority to OK this. Putting their staff and servers at risk and poisoning minds of potential customers that it's "safe". It is not safe. Dinning, maskless, in a closed room with strangers is anything but safe or smart. I personally feel he should be fined heavily and have his license revoked. This is just dangerous and reckless. I don't care about who you vote for or what kind of money you make. This is about stopping a virus that is spreading like wildfire. This is about protecting those you care about. Just because YOU are in good health doesnt mean others around you are, nor does it mean that you can go about freely and disregard common sense and logic. Is eating out that important to you? So important that you would bring your staff back in and expose them to potential harm? Same for your clients. Is it worth it? We are all in this together and we are all suffering in one way or another. Gene, you're a fool.

ZeroHawk Jan 12, 2021 04:33 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

horsegirl....seriously? ok so let them violate set in place rules by those that have degrees way higher than both of us, spread the virus around more, maybe infect a few of the employees? Just so a few random townies can eat at a restaurant and a business owner can get some more cash. How! Also....Joes quality went way down when Gene took over. Besides the point. I do not care one bit if a restaraunt is open or not, but i certainly care if my fellow Santa Barbarians contract COVID, even you. The business owners need to fall in line and revamp for to go orders and expand their menu and ordering hours if they want to make cash. Period. People like Gene have spread himself so thin that he thinks exposing his employees to COVID is ok as long as he gets his $$. If our businesses are that stretched, perhaps they need to seriously rethink how they are operating. My friend JJ and his ship were affected. In fact, he had to close...and guess what...he reopned with a different menu and name and is doing much better with to go and delivery orders....just a suggestion....and really is it the end of the world if you can't go out at dine at Joes cafe or the Sandbar? Nope, but it will be the end if you catch COVID. Fact.

sacjon Jan 12, 2021 11:52 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

HORSEGIRL - should we allow them to violate the rules and perpetuate the spread of a deadly virus? The rest of us are obeying the health orders, why shouldn't they? My kids can't go to school, our income has tanked due to a family business being completely shutdown since March, we haven't visited any family out of the area, kids aren't playing sports at out of state tournaments, etc etc.... why should my family lose money and suffer through the orders, while others ignore the rules and contribute to the risk?

horsegirl Jan 12, 2021 11:37 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

yeah GREAT lets shut down more small businesses. I always wanted Santa Barbara to be filled with chain restaurants taking the place of local restaurants who have been closed, especially when they replace classics like Joe's.

clawmarks Jan 12, 2021 08:38 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Stay-at-home order aside, the restaurant regulation is very short and leaves a lot of space for gray. “Restaurants may remain open for take-out and delivery.” It doesn’t say that patrons may not eat their takeout on the tables outside. Anyone been to Pismo recently? Take-out counters at every restaurant and people enjoying their take-out at the outside tables in the sunshine and bussing themselves.

theaaaron Jan 12, 2021 08:37 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

I take Covid and Covid safety VERY seriously. However outdoor dining, properly spaced should be allowed. It may not be 100% safe but driving on the 101 is not 100% safe. Indoor dining is another thing and probably should be banned.

Voice of Reason Jan 12, 2021 04:40 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Zero is incorrect. Restaurants / bars were doing an excellent job keeping spacing among strangers outdoors. Not that you actually need to be too concerned about a stranger passing by 3ft away outdoors, remember the CDC says 6ft or closer, indoors, for over 15 minutes. Besides, in your scenario you're the a-hole for sneezing on everyone.

ZeroHawk Jan 12, 2021 04:35 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

420722 incorrect. people dining amounst strangers, maskless and sitting within a few feet from each other is no different than how we were 2 years ago...just outside. If i'm 3 feet from you at Baja Sharkees (yuk), and i have covid and sneeze, guess have it too as do about 10 other people within the 'spray zone'. your statement is just mind numbing dumb.

420722 Jan 12, 2021 10:56 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Ahchoo- people are still meeting up anyway. Restaurants have been closed for over a month now. It’s more than obvious outdoor dinning was not the problem.

Ahchooo Jan 12, 2021 08:51 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

The problem seems to be that people meet up with others from outside their household. Dining outside is not safe if you are mingling with others while doing so.

NostraChumash Jan 12, 2021 07:54 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Funny..everyone except the commentors on this forum..Are Wrong!!
All the answers can be found right here, if only science & humanity would listen & follow their recommendations!.
How is this possible..or, am I reading mere opinion, which is as valid as..nothing?

[email protected] Jan 12, 2021 07:42 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Open up all small businesses, now you crooks, and anyone that doesnt support this shouldnt shop at costco, home depot, walmart, target, etc. cause the science doesnt apply to commodoties and big Corp.
Montesano should open up all his doors cause they're going out of business eventually if not, and the workers in his restaurants go homeless, Id rather allow natural selection and herd immunity take place ...

Crystalandmaui Jan 12, 2021 07:33 AM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Outside dinning was going pretty well, I saw more tables outside with people then I ever saw inside.
Santa Barbara was the place to travel to again. So all the tourists were here, but the people Here from Santa Barbara kept saying restrict outside residents , the tourists are the ones bringing the covid here. Well those were obviously the ones also keeping the restaurants alive and the retail.
I did see the restaurant’s over crowding their spaces , people were not 6 feet apart. Your not wearing a mask to eat or drink. And food handlers are not disinfecting their hands or the condiments touched by everyone. You do not know till 3 days later if you were exposed by someone. Good luck tracking it down and if you do then what? I drove around town Saturday night, it was sad to see all restaurants closed and a once very busy town with happy people no longer here. Yes the retail stores were open this time but that was it. It was very dismal, and I do have to wonder how can any business survive this? Wow this is truly the worst thing that has happened to the USA and the world. This is a war . And people just don’t know how to handle it because it’s invisible at first. So how do you cope? We never had a Germ warfare war.
We don’t know how to accept it, fix it, or believe it. Now we just want to fight with each other. This is just the second year, it’s not over. Maybe 3 years to make any head way . This is crazy.
Most of us don’t know how long a recovery after a war takes.
I will keep pushing along with hope and my mask and sanitizing wipes as long as it takes.

ChillinGrillin Jan 11, 2021 11:48 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

I just want to point out what a great, fantastic, a lot of people are even saying phenomenal job the federal government is doing. We don't pay the highest defense and golf trip costs for discount service and this thing was in the bag by Easter. It just went away with the light and the disinfectant and Windex and thoughts and prayers. Phenomenal! But the deep state Muslim Communists want to take away your Lucky's and croissants. Sad! Trial by Combat!

a-1610430636 Jan 11, 2021 09:50 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

The Gym next to Turnpike Vons was packed on Friday night. Pretty unfair that they are open and restaurants aren’t. It looks no different than usual around town with the exception of closed restaurants or take out only. Nearly everything else is open. This makes no sense.

semag Jan 11, 2021 06:41 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Good for these businesses.

It makes sense for people to go somewhere that is cleaned and sanitized as opposed to just hanging out together a few feet farther or in the parking lot.

I mean obviously the vaccine won’t be at reasonable levels in the community this year, so people should push for their freedoms.

Outdoor dining should 100% be allowed, Gavin new some should be recalled, and all the scared crybabies should stay inside.

RHS Jan 11, 2021 06:14 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

No one will do anything to enforce the obvious safety rules because of fear of things like what happened in DC. These people are insane. The only value they have is their own profit. Lucky's must have a huge profit and it must have created a huge reserve (i.e., bank account for the owner). If the concern is for the employees I am absolutely certain that Lucky could cover their problems for the duration and not suffer.

420722 Jan 11, 2021 05:58 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

I have no idea where you people are eating. I get takeout a several times a week during this second dining ban and have yet to see people eating outdoors, employees not wearing mask or letting customers eat inside, they want to keep their jobs and health too. OP sounds like the people that keep saying people aren’t wearing mask in the stores and I’m like where? What store? Why are you so miserable!?

ChemicalSuperFreak Jan 11, 2021 09:36 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

420722: "Will edhat seriously post theses photos?" I seriously wish they would, because it's irresponsible to publish this reader's allegations without any proof whatsoever. Palminteri's photo of signs in a store window is not proof of anything, apart from local businesses struggling under the shutdown.

SBsurferlife Jan 11, 2021 06:36 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Normally, nah I'd leave it to Mrs Kravitz. But since one of those yahoos eating with their bros outside could potentially kill my parents, yea.. I'm going to call them out.

420722 Jan 11, 2021 06:31 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

6:02 they have signs in a window voicing their frustration and rightfully so. Where do you see people dining in this picture? Are we really going to stoop so low as to take photos of people eating a sandwich outside or by their car? Are we going back to days where people were taking drives to the beach to take photos of mask free criminals walking in the sand? Will edhat seriously post theses photos? Oh my! This country will never heal under the current standards.

SBsurferlife Jan 11, 2021 05:56 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

For the same dude who keep saying "but outdoor dining is fine! Look at this Florida numbers," it's not about preventing people from gathering. Too many people were having meals or coffee with people outside their home and chewing and coughing and spitting and all that jazz, thus the virus spreads. Shutting down dining is a hope to curb gatherings.

a-1610416516 Jan 11, 2021 05:55 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

The Palm's photo shows D'Angelo bakery. They're serving people outdoors for sure (unsure about indoor). Same with Joe's, Tre Lune, and Lucky's. All of those have the same owner though. Wouldn't be surprised if more restaurants follow suit.

Seabird Jan 11, 2021 05:50 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Many restaurants and bars (the ones that offer to-go cocktails) have outdoor areas that were previously dedicated to outdoor dining. A lot of the patrons openly consume their food and drink in those parklets and adjacent parking lots. That is their choice, and these businesses can't - and won't - tell their loyal clients to move along, especially when many of the parking lots are considered "private property" and the business owners have already removed chairs, put up yellow tape, etc. on the parklets. The public will do what they want to do.

Voice of Reason Jan 11, 2021 05:03 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Can someone please explain to me how CA has been having an insane spike in cases with no indoor dining for 6 months, no outdoor dining in nearly two months, while FL (among other states) has had unrestricted indoor dinning since end of September and their cases (PER CAPITA!) have been significantly less than ours since they opened?

Voice of Reason Jan 11, 2021 09:31 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

You're reading my post wrong, intentionally. "since end of September" when their restrictions ceased. I will give everyone here a link to the CDC: Actually, California just passed Florida in total cases/100k. Unfortunately deaths usually follow. How many excuses are left before we admit we took the wrong path in CA? That we're on the wrong path. Even Cuomo now wants things open in a safe manner. We've incurred such a great cost for no gain.

Sbrysa Jan 11, 2021 04:56 PM
Restaurants Opening Outdoor Dining?

Hi I just want to caution ppl that what u think you see you may be misinterpreting. For example if you saw someone in the reception of a salon or spa, you may automatically think OMG!!! They’re open they need to be reported! What what you don’t understand is that spas and salons CAN LEGALLY sell retail. Stop and think or maybe ASK the owner what’s going on so their can explain to you. What if the ppl eating you saw was the owners family that they live with eating a quick snack in between doing to go orders. Or are workers not entitled to a lunch break to eat outside on the patio in between making your Togo order? Or do u think a worker should not be entitled to their 30 min lunch break on a 8 hour shift or god forbid a double shift. Please think bc your misinterpretation could lead to wildly unfortunate circumstances and a huge headache and fines for an owner bc you thought you saw something but weren’t positive the circumstances.


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