Rescue at Butterfly/East Beach

Rescue at Butterfly/East Beach  title=
Man Rescued from Butterfly/East Beach (Photo by an edhat reader)
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By an edhat reader

Montecito Fire Department and AMR Paramedics responded to a call of a medical emergency at 5:00 pm on October 31, 2022 between Butterfly Beach, Montecito and East Beach, Santa Barbara.

A man unable to walk was located on the rocks between the two beaches and due to the high tide, about a dozen rescue workers had to figure out the best way to traverse the challenging terrain to get a gurney to the man and carry him out to the awaiting ambulance.

After trying to approach from East Beach but seeing the other was under water, they determined it would be easiest to reach him on the East Beach side, so they raced in their emergency vehicles to that side and climbed through the rocks and surf.

Within minutes they were seen wheeling him down the dirt path to Cabrillo Street, without incident, just as the sun was setting . The man was conscious; his issue a mystery.

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