Reports of Van Following Young Girls

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By an edhat reader

This was posted Thursday on my site and I felt it worthy of sharing in the hope of catching this guy:

"Three days ago a white van looked something like a pro master dodge ram followed me while I was walking my dogs yesterday around 1150 the same thing happened to my daughter.  Theses are her words : “This car followed me and stopped right by me and tried talking to me and I said no and then he opened his door so i started running and he started trying to talk to me while I was running and I started screaming no and I ran to a neighbors house and hid behind a car in their driveway and then he circled around looking for me and then I went home” Has this happened to anyone else? Have you seen this van?
Person 1, Hair: Black
Vehicle 1-Color: White , Make: Maybe a dodge pro master city van
I have reported this information to the police."

Additional info from comments section of post: Occurred Walnut Lane near Santa Lucia, SB 93111, male was a "Dark Hispanic"
Another person commented: "My daughter was followed driving home from the calle real shopping center by a white van last friday evening. She kept going past our home and noticed it stopped and parked on Edgewood dr. for while, then drove off after a while."

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Luvaduck Feb 23, 2019 10:00 AM
Reports of Van Following Young Girls

Many years ago I had a similar situation. I was in college and had gone to a party, left early and started to drive home. After a few blocks, I thought I was being followed. (I check my mirrors routinely when I drive.) I made sure by making some random turns, then took a less-than-obvious route to a police station & pulled into police parking. The guy stopped for a minute, recognized it was the back of a police substation & zoomed off. I reported the incident, make of the car and a patrol car escorted me home. Most young women/girls face this kind of stuff sooner or later. Some men are such losers, they can only be predators. Three important things: stay out of reach, get somewhere safe, don't lead them home.

Roger Feb 22, 2019 07:29 PM
Reports of Van Following Young Girls

Ken Williams used to buy those whistles for homeless women out of his own pocket when he worked for the county he was a good man.

Roger Feb 23, 2019 08:39 AM
Reports of Van Following Young Girls

We was good friends he was 110 percent devoted to the poor and homeless so much so he retired after witnessing corruption for himself.

winter Feb 22, 2019 05:05 PM
Reports of Van Following Young Girls

Very smart girls ! My girls are grown but gave them plastic whistles, for their backpacks, when they were young...In case of some creep or bullying.

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