Renata M. Nicholas

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Renata M. Nicholas passed at 100 years old. She was born in Santa Barbara to Cesare and Annetta Maccianti. Her parent each immigrated to Santa Barbara at the turn of the century to join other family members. She grew up in the building that today houses the Paradise Cafe. She attended local schools and graduated from the Riviera Campus of Santa Barbara State College, later UCSB.

Renata was a regular performer and participant in the Fiestas of the thirties. She studied with Gertrude Polk at the Polk Studios in Santa Barbara and performed as a soloist. In San Francisco she studied with Jose Cansino of the Cansino family, renowned classical dancers of Spain. Renata was a featured dancer at the Old Mission, Court House, and Santa Barbara Bowl.

She taught at Montecito Union School and while there collaborated in a five year graduate program with Stanford University's Department of Education in Curriculum Development for the Santa Barbara County Elementary Schools. 

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