Recovery Survey for Wildfire and Mudslide Survivors

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Source: County of Santa Barbara

ATTENTION Survivors of the Thomas Fire and 1/9 Debris Flow:

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) launched the RecoverCA Disaster Housing Assistance survey. Please take the survey and share this email with other disaster survivors you know from either 2017 or 2018 wildfire and/or debris flow disasters. 
Deadline to respond: January 3, 2020 

Why is this survey so important?

The survey will allow the state Department of Housing and Community Development to assess your needs, whether you’re a homeowner, renter or landlord. 

Who should take this survey? 

Anyone affected by the December 2017 Thomas Fire and January 9, 2018 Debris Flow. (FEMA DR-4353)

Additionally, if you are a homeowner impacted by the December 2017 disaster (FEMA DR 4353), you may wish to apply for the “Owner Occupied Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program” to receive a grant to help you rebuild. Please take the survey to begin the process of applying for a grant.

How do I complete the survey?
Visit At the top of the page just under the “CA.Gov” bear logo is a link called “eGrants Login” as pictured above. Create an account profile and take the survey. Please note that the survey begins by entering the address of the damaged property. 

Recover California Disaster Housing Assistance Program

On November 1, 2019, the California Department of Housing and Community Development started conducting an interest survey of Californians impacted by the 2017 and 2018 disasters. The information collected in this survey will help to determine the specific recovery needs of impacted property owners, eligibility for available disaster housing assistance, and inform the need for future recovery programs as they are developed.

Note: CDHCD anticipates funding for 2018 disasters to release in late 2020.

If you were impacted as a result of any of the following disasters, you are encouraged to complete the survey.
  • October 2017 Wildfires Impacted Counties - Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Nevada, Orange, Sonoma, Yuba
  • December 2017 Wildfires, Mud flows, and Debris flows Impacted Counties - Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura
  • July through September 2018 Wildfires and High Winds Impacted Counties - Lake and Shasta
  • November 2018 Wildfires Impacted Counties - Butte, Los Angeles, Ventura
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