Ready to Hang Pop Up Art Show

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Ready to Hang Pop Up Art Show
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By Robert Bernstein

"Ready to Hang" is the latest pop-up art show this season. At the Community Arts Workshop (CAW) which is better known as "The Solstice Workshop" at the corner of Ortega Street and Garden Street.

Here are all of my photos from the pre-show reception.

My wife Merlie had already sold two of her four pieces before the show even officially opened. Here we posed with her floral art:

The event was especially designed for new artists like her to break into the local art scene. But plenty of more experienced artists were displaying their pieces as well. A wide range of art genres was welcomed with just one rule: They must fit into a 12" x 12" wall space.

The event was the creation of Michael Evan Long who kindly posed with one of his wonderful "Dream Box" creations:

He got plenty of help with hanging the art and with other logistics. But he deserves credit for making this event happen to benefit local artists.

Here is a detail of his Frame Shop creation. Notice the Visa and Mastercard stickers along with a poster for the Ready to Hang event in the shop windows!

Diane Stevenett is well known as the creator of some of the biggest Solstice ensembles for many years. Here she posed with some of her more modest art pieces:

Here I photographed just one piece of Diane's memorable Zebras ensemble before the 2011 Solstice parade:

Pali-X Mano posed with one of the artists

Pali's colorful lady friend Raven posed with her artistic creation that included modified photos of herself:

My friends Rebecca, Matthew and Morgan posed for a family photo:

I have known Matthew for decades from juggling and other circus arts. Rebecca had three of her artistic creations on display at the show. I have done a photo series of them at the Isla Vista Juggling Festival almost every year since Morgan was born. Since Rebecca missed the Juggling Festival this year, this was a chance to make the 2019 family photo!

Here was my first photo in the series, from the 2002 Isla Vista Juggling Festival

Here are two of Rebecca's pieces:

Here are just a few more samples of the hundreds of pieces on display:

Here you can see more about the Community Arts Workshop and sign up for email notifications of future events:

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