Random Drawing of Redistricting Commissioners Moves Up One Week to October 13

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Source: County of Santa Barbara

Nearly 200 residents of Santa Barbara County applied to serve on the County of Santa Barbara Citizens' Independent Redistricting Commission.

The most qualified applicants based on the criteria and qualifications detailed in the Ordinance are posted online for public review and comment before a random drawing to select the first five of 11 commissioners.

On October 13 (note the date change from October 20), in a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the County District Attorney will conduct a random drawing to pick five commissioners from the qualified applicants who are divided into sub-pools representing each of the five supervisorial districts. One commissioner from each of the five district sub-pools will be drawn.

To form a commission of 11 members by December 31, 2020, the five randomly selected commissioners will meet in late October and early November to select finalists from the remaining applicant pools to interview for appointment. In order to be appointed, an applicant must receive the vote of at least four of the five commissioners. A public hearing will be scheduled to allow for public comment and final appointment of six commissioners, one from each district and one at-large member. 

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fitz Sep 25, 2020 09:38 AM
Random Drawing of Redistricting Commissioners Moves Up One Week to October 13

I have several concerns about this process. First off, who narrowed down the list to these 45? Will there be equal numbers of male/female? How can you get that in the 3rd district with no women included after the first round. The first five picked will make important decisions about the rest of the panel. And these first five are going to be picked out of a hat? Not very analytical.......luck of the draw could give us a majority of older white men. Will the commission have a diversity that reflects the county? I believe that is what the voters asked for. I see a career oil guy on the list. Surely, he would come into the process with some bias about gerrymandering the lines, especially for 3rd district.

dukemunson Sep 25, 2020 11:05 AM
Random Drawing of Redistricting Commissioners Moves Up One Week to October 13

Fitz - And luck of the draw could give us 5 young POC...would that also bother you? And why is only the oil guy, biased...couldn't we look at everyones occupation, see bias and strike them from the list? That would leave us with an empty list, but I guess that would be "fair"...

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