Rainbows During Hurriquake

Edhat readers share photos of a rainbow over the South Coast on Sunday following a 5.1 magnitude earthquake and an introductory meeting to Hurricane Hilary, which culminated into an event called the “Hurriquake.”

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By Patti Gutshall

Just a soft rainbow on the tropiquake day.

By Geo Duarte

What a Sunset!.  Tropical Storm Hillary delivered some unbelievable sunset optics. Gold to the West, double full spectrum prizim-effect  to the East.


By an edhat reader

Double rainbow on the Westside this Sunday

By PamSB

Both ends of the rainbow.

By Brianna P.

Noleta Rainbow

By an edhat reader

Hurricane Hilary attacks Santa Barbara

By an edhat reader

Rainbow Bridge – Rainbow as seen from the Rainbow Bridge 

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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