Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

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Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death
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Source: Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) is reporting that an additional resident has died of COVID-19. The person who died was in their 60s and had underlying health conditions. This ­South County resident was hospitalized and succumbed to their illness. As of today, there are 174 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

“Public Health shares our deepest condolences with the family and friends of this community member,” said Santa Barbara County Health Officer Dr. Henning Ansorg. “We continue to ask for the support of every resident as we move forward and get through this difficult time. Only with the help of every person in our community will we make a difference in slowing the spread of this virus.”

Community members are reminded to take measures to prevent the spread of respiratory illness:

  • Stay home except for essential tasks
  • When engaging in essential tasks away from home, remain 6 feet away from others
  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Keep surfaces clean by wiping them down with a household disinfectant

Information for the six new confirmed cases can be found below.

Ages of new confirmed cases reported:











Locations of new cases reported:

South County Unincorporated Area includes communities of Montecito, Summerland and the City of Carpinteria


City of Santa Barbara and the unincorporated area of Mission Canyon                    


City of Goleta                                                                                            


Community of Isla Vista


Unincorporated Area of the Goleta Valley and Gaviota


Santa Ynez Valley including the Cities of Solvang & Buellton, and the communities of Santa Ynez, Los Alamos, Los Olivos and Ballard  


City of Lompoc and the communities of Mission Hills and Vandenberg Village


City of Santa Maria 


Community of Orcutt


Unincorporated Areas of Sisquoc, Casmalia, Garey, Cuyama, New Cuyama, and the City of Guadalupe


Of the 174 cases, 103 are recovering at home, 27 persons are recovering in a hospital, 19 of which are in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 40 have fully recovered, and two (2) are pending an update. Two (2) deaths have been reported.

PHD is prioritizing investigations for cases with exposures in healthcare and other congregate settings to identify persons who may have been exposed. Mandated social distancing measures are in place to slow the spread of the virus.

Please visit Santa Barbara County’s coronavirus web page for more resources and updates at

Stay Connected:

County Public Health: www.PublicHealthSBC.orgTwitter and Facebook 
County of Santa Barbara: www.CountyofSB.orgTwitterFacebook 
County Information Line: (833) 688-55519 a.m.- 6 p.m.
2-1-1 Call Center: Dial 211 or outside the area, call (800) 400-1572
Recorded Information Line: (805) 681-4373
Behavioral Wellness 24/7 Access Line: (888) 868-1649 Community Wellness Team: (805) 364-2750

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a-1586203580 Apr 06, 2020 01:06 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

Nationally, the cases reported on World of Metrics this morning dropped as well on Sunday versus Saturday. Perhaps the doom and gloom and number of cases won't be as severe as reported by the IHME on March 26. If we have 174 cases among 445,000 SB County residents, that is .004% - an extremely low and encouraging number IMHO. The two deaths reported so far are extremely saddening and unfortunate, but we should keep in mind that is .00004% - vastly different and thankfully far less than what some of the pundits were predicting.

sacjon Apr 06, 2020 01:26 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

Not sure we should get too excited yet, could be many reasons for the 60% decrease. Even so, at what point are we "all clear" again? Even if the numbers go down, it's still a threat to thousands of at risk people in our community!

a-1586209920 Apr 06, 2020 02:52 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

Blackbar 1:34 pm: "Those numbers are illusory" because they are probably far less "because of the lack of testing", rather than higher as I think you are suggesting.

macpuzl Apr 06, 2020 03:03 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

The number of deaths attributed to the virus is also understated, which you are ignoring. Wthout testing, they are just attributed to the underlying condition.

a-1586216838 Apr 06, 2020 04:47 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

A huge drop in number is quite welcome and an encouraging sign that the preventative measures that have been put in place are actually working. China is opening up their tourist spots, and have said that their economy is back on track. Not sure what to believe as far as info from China goes, but I hope they are telling the truth.

a-1586223402 Apr 06, 2020 06:36 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

They've reopened their wet markets, too. Short memories over there, I guess. And the advice for Americans to restrict or stop buying China-made goods will probably be short-lived as well, I'm afraid to say.

JB86 Apr 06, 2020 01:28 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

I don't see why they don't report what the 'underlying condition' was, since they don't ID the person. I think it might be useful for those people who have similar conditions.

a-1586205802 Apr 06, 2020 01:43 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

Not only that, 88, but many studies are now saying that anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of people with coronavirus have no symptoms. Assuming it’s safe to say that people who are asymptomatic are not getting tested, the percentage of people dying from this virus is even lower.

a-1586207691 Apr 06, 2020 02:14 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

I think, considering that there could be so many asymptomatic carriers out there, that the best approach would be testing for all. Some perspective would be nice.

winter Apr 06, 2020 09:08 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

You can all go back and forth about politics.
We need leadership !
Everything seems always sanitized and quiet because we are a tourist town
But we need
The news conferences are helpful...for numbers..
Where is the human touch, spirit, of Santa Barbara ?
We have seen that after fires, mudslides, and the awful boat accident.

Jfc723 Apr 06, 2020 09:56 PM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

I couldn’t agree more. This county and infact the whole country lacks leadership. Its a circus. Its a freaking pandemic! People are dying!! Some Santa Barbara/Goleta residents are acting like they are on vacation. I understand that people have needs and people depend on their jobs. But surfing? Jogging? Getting together outdoors? If you are not afraid then volunteer at the hospitals! Be at the front line instead of risking peoples life.

a-1586266961 Apr 07, 2020 06:42 AM
Public Health Reports Second COVID-19 Death

When they say the 2nd person died in the hospital in South County it seems safe to assume that's at SB Cottage because that's the hospital system that's serving this area, unless the death was in Lompoc? Why not announce that, Santa Maria Marion Hospital was stated as location for the North County death. This shouldn't violate privacy laws, seems important to me.

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