Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

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Update by Ventura County Sheriff's Office
March 21, 2018

Detectives have been conducting an extensive follow-up investigation into all aspects of the shooting that occurred last Saturday at the Oaks Mall. There was one previous reported case of domestic violence involving Kevin Crane and Parisa Siddiqi.

In September 2014, deputies were called to a residence in Thousand Oaks to investigate a domestic disturbance involving the couple. Deputies concluded that Crane had battered Siddiqi during a dispute, and she suffered minor injuries as a result. Crane was arrested for felony domestic battery and booked into jail. During that investigation, deputies seized a Glock .40-caliber handgun and booked it in the sheriff’s property room for safekeeping. The handgun belonged to Kevin Crane, but it was not used during the domestic violence incident.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office filed one count of misdemeanor domestic battery against Crane. The DA’s Office also filed a petition to confiscate Crane’s handgun. Crane did not contest the petition, and in November 2014, a judge ordered that the handgun be confiscated. At that time, the gun was still being stored in the sheriff’s property room.

In January of 2015, the District Attorney’s Office dismissed the domestic violence case against Crane, because the victim, Parisa Siddiqi, would not cooperate with investigators and could not be located for service of a subpoena to appear in court. On an unknown date, Crane submitted a Law Enforcement Gun Release application to the California Department of Justice for the Glock handgun. On March 3, 2015, Crane received a letter from the DOJ that he was eligible to possess the firearm. Crane went to the East County Sheriff’s Station and the handgun was returned to him in March of 2015. At that time, Crane was no longer being prosecuted for domestic violence. Crane was eligible to lawfully purchase a gun at any time after receiving the March 3, 2015 letter from DOJ declaring he was eligible to possess a firearm.

The property room staff was unaware of the court’s order to confiscate the firearm at the time it was returned to Crane. Detectives learned the DA’s Office received the order after it was issued in November of 2014. A District Attorney’s Office clerk sent a copy of the court order via inter-office mail to the sheriff’s office. There is a record of the court order being received by the sheriff’s office in October of 2015. Inter-office mail has no system in place to track the sending of documents. Investigators are working to determine why there was a lapse in time between the order being issued and the document being received. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office are reviewing the process and are taking steps to ensure this never happens again. The handgun released to Crane was the only gun registered to him. It was the same handgun used to murder Siddiqi last Saturday.

Crane remains in critical condition at a local hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The decision to arrest Crane will depend on whether he recovers from his injuries.

Update by Ventura County Sheriff's Office
March 18, 2018

The victim in yesterday’s shooting at the Oaks Mall has been identified as 29-year-old Parisa Siddiqi of Thousand Oaks. Siddiqi was shot and killed Saturday afternoon by her ex-husband while she was working at a retail store inside the mall.

The suspect, who has been identified as Kevin Crane, also of Thousand Oaks, turned the gun on himself after he shot Siddiqi. Crane survived his suicide attempt and is being treated at a local hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

By edhat staff
March 17, 2018

One woman is dead and a man is injured after a homicide and attempted suicide in a Thousand Oaks mall on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, this incident appears to be a case of domestic violence as the victim, a 30-year-old woman from Thousand Oaks, and the suspect, a 33-year-old man from Los Angeles, are a divorced couple with two children.

The Sheriff's Department received calls of shots fired inside the Paper Source store at the Oaks Shopping center where the victim worked and was believed to be targeted by the suspect. 

Around 2:15 p.m., the sheriff’s department received a call of shots fired inside the Paper Source store at the Oaks Shopping Center. The victim – who was an employee of the Paper Source store – was "targeted," the sheriff’s department said.

The incident is being described as an attempted murder-suicide with the suspect in "grave condition," according to the Ventura Sheriff's Office.

An edhat reader reports a friend was in the mall at the time of the shooting and said it was a chaotic scene with people quickly being escorted outside.


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Flicka Mar 22, 2018 09:08 AM
Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

Even though this event happened out of SB County I think it is an important lesson for women who have experienced domestic violence to take precautions and to have the abuser turned over to police with the first assault. Don't take seriously the, "I'm so sorry, I love you spiel, I will never do it again."

Yeti Mar 19, 2018 02:02 PM
Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

Has Edhat become the A-1521493091 show? he has commented 21 times on this article, 66% of the comments are his ( 21 of 32) and on another I noticed he has commented 14 times. Roger, is it your intent to let one individual try to monopolize all discussions on Edhat? Is he/she in need of a hobby? What are your thoughts on this?

BigDD Mar 19, 2018 12:38 PM
Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

Being new to edhat, I'm confused--I thought this site was dedicated to SB news and events, etc. Thousand Oaks is 60 miles away (I should know having just moved from there last year)and not even in our county. Why is this crime being reported on here?

Luvaduck Mar 19, 2018 08:20 AM
Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

It isn't "male bashing" to note that it is primarily a male crime to stalk and kill <former> partners. Apparently, males have a harder time dealing with romantic rejection or maybe it's the old, "if I can't have you, no one will."

Since it only takes one vote to delete a comment, there is no way of knowing if the comments were vulgar, profane, slandered someone/something or were merely something that one person didn't like. It's a flaw to this system of discourse. Only the moderator should be able to take down comments and only on clearly stated grounds.

a-1521480463 Mar 19, 2018 10:27 AM
Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

**sorry, forgot to self-edit** If you believe that mental illness is the cause of gun violence (which most pro-gun folks seem to), then you also must accept that having a psychotic episode isn't always predictable. Therefore, a history of psych issues isn't' helpful at preventing otherwise "normal" gun owners from snapping.

a-1521480156 Mar 19, 2018 10:22 AM
Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

CIVILENGINEER - even if not a TRO/RO, there should have been some warning about his mental state. You don't just all of a sudden turn homicidal/suicidal. This is the problem with our gun laws. Any "normal" gun owner can snap and turn violent and crazy without having a psyche history on file.

CivilEngineer Mar 19, 2018 09:07 AM
Previous Domestic Assault from Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting Suspect

One question is: was there a restraining order against this guy and if so, why wasn't his weapon taken away? Similar question for that nut in Redding that recently shot all of those people. The Sheriff up there could seem to get all of the perps weapons even though there were multiple reports.

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