Potential Increase of Storm Impacts Near Cave Fire Burn Scar

Potential Increase of Storm Impacts Near Cave Fire Burn Scar title=
Potential Increase of Storm Impacts Near Cave Fire Burn Scar
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Source: County of Santa Barbara

Due to the burn scar caused by the recent Cave Fire, future storms are a concern for several years until the landscape can successfully revegetate. Because of the Cave Fire burn scar, there is now a heightened risk of flooding and debris flows during winter storms

Currently, Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) team and Watershed Emergency Response Team (WERT) experts have been requested to compile scientific watershed data to evaluate short-term risk in the aftermath of the Cave Fire.

The map released by public safety agencies is intended to provide awareness of the Cave Fire burn scar and to serve as an emergency preparedness resource for residents who live in and below the Cave Fire burn scar.  The map includes the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) 500-year flood map that identifies areas vulnerable to flooding. The public is encouraged to access this map to understand potential flooding zones, affected watersheds, creeks and streams that may be impacted during storms. Additionally, the public can enter an address into the map to determine whether their home, business or places they visit are located within these areas of concern.

Within Santa Barbara County, the southern foothills and surrounding communities have experienced occasional rockslides and flooding. Residents are reminded that they may be located in historically flood-prone areas. .

Public safety officials will evaluate each incoming storm and determine what protective actions, if any, the public should take. Residents should be prepared to take action and follow the instructions of public safety officials. Protective actions may include relocating prior to a storm’s arrival, sheltering in place, moving to higher ground, or evacuation.

Register to receive emergency alerts at www.ReadySBC.org, and make emergency plans to protect you, your family and your property. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time, do not wait for instructions and relocate from your area. 

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a-1575517384 Dec 04, 2019 07:43 PM
Potential Increase of Storm Impacts Near Cave Fire Burn Scar

I'm attuned to rain here, because I love it and we get so little. I'm on Grove Lane, the downpour woke me around 8:30 a.m. Hours later I saw I got notifications from OEM -- Sent at 8:41 a.m.!!! Thanks, I guess.

Shasta Guy Dec 04, 2019 06:25 AM
Potential Increase of Storm Impacts Near Cave Fire Burn Scar

Something to pay attention to: ******************************************************** Flood Advisory
National Weather Service OXNARD CA
613 AM PST Wed Dec 4 2019

Santa Barbara CA-
613 AM PST Wed Dec 4 2019

The National Weather Service in OXNARD has issued a

* Flood Advisory for...
Western and southern Santa Barbara County in southwestern California...

* Until 815 AM PST.

* At 609 AM PST, Doppler radar and gauge reports indicated heavy
rain with widespread rainfall rates of one quarter to near one
half per hour across the southern and western portions of Santa
Barbara County, This rain will cause widespread ponding of water
on area roadways including highways 101 and 154, and local
flooding of low lying areas and intersections. Minor mud and
debris flows are possible in and around the Cave Burn area.

* Some locations that may experience flooding include...
Santa Barbara, Goleta, Refugio, Buellton, Santa Maria,
Isla Vista and Carpinteria.

TWOSCOOPS Dec 04, 2019 04:15 AM
Potential Increase of Storm Impacts Near Cave Fire Burn Scar

Concrete K-rails could be installed around the electrical substation at Foothill/154, or are they already there? The K-rail that has become the standard within California consists of 20-ft long sections with pin and loop connections, each weighing approximately 8000 lbs. Hollister/Turnpike is in a flood/debris zone, and Fire Station #13 near Hollister/Puente is adjacent to Hospital Creek debris flow basin, according to the map. Are fire trucks going to be moved to higher ground during this warning period today until noon. How about the Sheriff's __Coroner's Bureau__ at 66 S. San Antonio Rd, is it IN the debris basin? K-rails AND sandbags in any of these areas? Protect in advance.

a-1575434381 Dec 03, 2019 08:39 PM
Potential Increase of Storm Impacts Near Cave Fire Burn Scar

The electrical substation at the Foothill 154 northbound onramp is partially affected in the blue flood zone. What portion of the electrical service area would be affected if they should shut that down due to flooding? Maybe the equipment wouldn't be affected, or could be turned on soon after any precautionary shutdown once the water subsided?

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