Portland Trail Blazers Coming to Santa Barbara?

Portland Trail Blazers Coming to Santa Barbara? title=
UCSB Thunderdome (courtesy photo)
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By the edhat staff

Word on the street is the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers are scheduled to host their training camp in Santa Barbara.

In preparation for the 2022-23 season, the Blazers will head south and start their training camp on Sept. 27, reports The Oregonian.

A location has yet to be released but the UC Santa Barbara Thunderdome has hosted past NBA training camps for the Lakers and Sacramento Kings.

The camp will likely run from Sept. 27 through October 1. The Blazers preseason begins on Oct. 3 against the LA Clippers in Seattle before returning to Portland to host Utah on Oct. 4.

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Babycakes Aug 30, 2022 11:46 AM
Portland Trail Blazers Coming to Santa Barbara?

Most likely you can see/approach the players at one of the local Goleta hotels. It should not be that difficult to find out where they are staying (look for a hotel with two or three fancy busses in the parking lot). Also, if you go downtown in the evening you should be able to run into some of the players, like back in the day when O'Malley's "resident" bartender was one Michael Jordan when he was running his basketball camp at UCSB. Even if it's just for a short time, the Portland players and staff will be super stoked not having to be in a crime-riddled town. Used to be a very nice place to visit, but if any of you have been in the downtown area of Portland in the last few years....Oh-Em-Gee squared (not just Portland, but Oakland, LA, Seattle....etc. God bless those who stay in those cities and are trying to make it better, but many are leaving in drrrrrroves!).

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