Police Searching for Harbor Burglar

Police Searching for Harbor Burglar title=
Police Searching for Harbor Burglar
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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Department is attempting to identify the intoxicated subject in these images. During the early morning hours of Friday, November 13th, 2020, he was captured on surveillance footage as he broke into a business in the area of the Santa Barbara Harbor.

After making entry to the business, he undressed, caused several thousand dollars of damage, and slept until the next morning. Based on his level of intoxication and that the surveillance footage shows him acting alone, investigators suspect that he came from somewhere nearby the Harbor.

The surveillance footage shows that he has a tattoo on the back of his right arm. He has lacerations on his left hand and arm from breaking a window.

If you have any information, please contact Santa Barbara Police Detective Kyle Rapp at (805) 897-2331.


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SBWalkers Nov 26, 2020 08:35 AM
Police Searching for Harbor Burglar

This happened on Friday, Nov 13th, and it takes almost 2 weeks to post this pic. ... and now wants the public to ID the person - 'com'on.. he probably walked to Toledo, Ohio by now.

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