Poinsettia Sales From A Nonprofit

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Could anyone recommend or list a few nonprofits that are selling Poinsettias this year?

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mfasba Nov 30, 2021 03:30 PM
Poinsettia Sales From A Nonprofit

Thanks to all of you that commented on my concern for Las Positas Rd. While the county made improvements for traffic with the turn lane , nothing was done for pedestrians. I have contacted both Mr Rowse and the city . They are looking into a crosswalk , but of course it will take many squeaky wheels to have change at this location . I suggest you contact the city and make your voices known . I live on this street and I have seen many traffic accidents there . I will continue my efforts until something is done .There is a large population in Samarkand that would like to access the other side of Las Positas and we deserve to do it safely . Your friend felt nothing, I am sure . The EMT was off duty but identified himself as such . She did not suffer nor did her body show bloody injuries. The young man who hit her was in shock . I believe he had lights on . This is such a tough spot and she had crossed there many times , she knew what she was risking . This is mini freeway with no safety for the public.
Thanks ,
Mary Anderson

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