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Happy New Year edhat readers!

Another year is in the books, and our second year in a global pandemic. While we all thought 2021 was the year we'd see a bigger light at the end of this tunnel, we're hopeful that 2022 will offer some kind of return to normalcy. It's my sincerest hope that you are all healthy and staying safe as we continue in these pandemic times. 

As we toss out our old calendars and pin up a fresh one (ours is full of adorable baby animal photos), it's my wish we can all turn to the positivity and hope a new year brings and approach one another with kindness. 2020 felt like a year of connectivity with loved ones, 2021 reminded us of our resilience, and perhaps 2022 can be the year of gratitude.

While uncertainty has been pervasive these past few years, our goal at edhat has been to keep you all informed, entertained, and connected with the community. Just over 18 years ago Peter Sklar published edhat's very first article with the goal of bringing neighbors together through an online platform. With the hard and generous work of our dedicated staff, scanner reporters, columnists, and valued readers, edhat continues to strive towards that goal while providing a free local service.

With that, the cost to keep edhat running continues to take a toll. I'm shocked to say this past year has been more difficult than 2020. Advertising revenues took a much bigger hit than the previous year. I'm committed to keeping edhat online as long as you all keep reading, commenting, and subscribing, but we need your help. 

Please renew your edhat subscriptiongift a subscription to a friend or loved one, make a financial contribution, and urge your favorite local businesses to advertise with us! [Instructions on these below]

We wouldn't be able to keep the community engaged and informed without the support of our readers. Continue sending in your questions, photos, news tips, reports, and anything else you think the community would like to know, and we'll keep doing what we're doing. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and readership, we greatly appreciate it. And let's cheers to a happier, healthier, and kinder 2022.


Lauren Bray (publisher),
Ed (the boss),
and the Dedicated Staff of


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SBsurferlife Jan 05, 2022 09:04 AM
Please Support Edhat in 2022

I disagree CMKR. Aggressive or attacking comments seem to be deleted, but people are allowed to disagree. Looks to me like there are a few who have taken it upon themselves to combat the insane claims of the far right science deniers and I applaud it.

Edhat Staff Jan 04, 2022 12:29 PM
Please Support Edhat in 2022

We delete all comments in accordance with our edhat commenting policies. If there's a comment that you feel should be reviewed, email us at Unfortunately, many people ask us to delete comments they simply disagree with but do not violate our policies. 
Thanks for your feedback.
-ed staff

a-1641242281 Jan 03, 2022 12:38 PM
Please Support Edhat in 2022

Thanks for all you do! Greatly enjoy Edhat and just donated, encourage everyone else to do the same.


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