Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

Plaza Granada Breaks Ground title=
A rendering of the walkway from State Street with an 8-foot mural. (Photo: The Cearnal Collective)
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By edhat staff

City officials broke ground last week for a new pedestrian pathway behind the Granada Theatre.  

The 10,000 square-foot area is located behind the theatre at 1214 State Street and next to the parking garage on Victoria and Anacapa Streets.

Plaza Granada is described to be a "landscaped, well-lit space providing safe access to patrons, a limited number of parking spaces, and improved parking and drop-off facility for the backstage of the theater" replacing the current "crowded, unattractive area where cars, buses, and trucks share space with a constant flow of pedestrians," according to the Granada Theatre.

The new space will feature improved lighting and landscaping, trash and recycling enclosures, and an 8x150 foot mural by Santa Barbara muralists Tracy Lee Stum and Sayak Mitra.

The $2 million project will be paid through fundraising and is expected to be completed by June.

A rendering of the plaza will include parking spaces and drop-off facility for the backstage of the theater. (Photo: The Cearnal Collective)

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doulie Mar 04, 2021 08:56 AM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

One tree in the drawing with a plant at its base in the parking area and what appears to be two plants in the front area. I know there's limited space, but is this the extent of the "landscaping?"

Ahchooo Mar 03, 2021 11:56 AM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

I didn’t want to be the first one to mention that. They need a plan to keep it from becoming a bum hangout. I don’t see any plans for benches, which might help somewhat.

ChemicalSuperFreak Mar 03, 2021 09:38 PM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

It's a sad commentary that we were all thinking exactly the same thing: A new place for bums to hang out.

ZeroHawk Mar 03, 2021 02:59 PM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

2 million for that? nice waste of tax dollars (again) SB! Do we REALLY need this right now? No. I've been uptown several times last few weekends's a ghost town from Vic to Carrillo. So why blow this money on something that is NOT needed right now and frankly wasn't needed to begin with. I really ....really REALLY hate the current city council and mayor...just awful

yacht rocked Mar 03, 2021 03:26 PM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

The article says it will be paid by fundraising (paragraph 5, just above the drawing).

a-1614839982 Mar 03, 2021 10:39 PM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

Too bad that people who have $2 million to give away won't donate it to something of value (and where they'd get a tax deduction --- or is this, providing resting and sleeping space for homeless, tax deductible?

Who will vet the mural? Since it's public art it should go before the arts advisory, unless of course it will follow the path of the murals at Ortega Park?

a-1614869298 Mar 04, 2021 06:48 AM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

I could not agree more! This council is the most USELESS, and WORTHLESS Council EVER!!!!!

a-1614883923 Mar 04, 2021 10:52 AM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

It isn't tax dollars. This is private owners on private property. And landscaping is limited because the owners still need to provide for commercial parking and residential parking for the two condos on the top of the Granada.

Shmonk Mar 04, 2021 11:46 AM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

It literally says it will be paid for through fundraising. learn to read before getting outraged!

a-1614812703 Mar 03, 2021 03:05 PM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

Glad to see lighting improved, and hopeful it will be safer to walk through at night. Pretty skanky place.

Basicinfo805 Mar 03, 2021 07:11 PM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

Can't disagree with other commenters at all. This makes no sense.

Jence Mar 03, 2021 09:26 PM
Plaza Granada Breaks Ground

Not a fan,,, unless we make the whole area a flooded water pool with running water that can be turned on and off. That would work.

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