Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move

Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move title=
Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move
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By Robert Bernstein

On Tuesday I was picking up some metal plating work from Alberto's Metal Finishing on Milpas Street. What a master craftsman. He wonderfully restored several brass pieces for me and he did so quickly and at a very good price. Especially for such skilled labor.

Here is my review of his work on Yelp, complete with some photos.

Unfortunately, he is going to have to move from his current location at 717 Milpas Street because that building is going to be torn down to build apartments. Please post here and/or let him know of any new location that might work for him. He prefers to stay in that neighborhood.

On my bike ride back to the Transit Center on De La Guerra Street I saw this surprising sight at the corner of Olive Street:

I went over for a closer look and saw a house move in progress, but not in the usual way that people move into a new house!

Here are all of my photos of a sight that you don't see every day.

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gilrun1 Mar 21, 2021 05:51 PM
Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move

I was also lucky to find Alberto’s after Joe retired (Joe’s brass plating). He recently redid all of my front door brass and it is just BEAUTIFUL! I hope he lets all of us know of his new address when he does move!

FollowingScienc... Mar 21, 2021 04:32 PM
Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move

Another shout out for Alberto! I’ve been a customer for decades (back to “Joe’s Plating” days), and Alberto’s work is always timely, done to perfection and at a reasonable price. So many candlesticks, damaged metal objects, and beloved family heirlooms restored to shining beauty again. Thank you Alberto & wishing you and your family much success in relocating your business (wish I knew how to help).

sbrobert Mar 21, 2021 01:32 PM
Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move

Thanks for the explanation about the house move ROCKWELLBAD2. I had looked at the Google Street View and there was nothing visible on that Olive Street site. Now I understand why. One of the workers explained that the house was moving in, not out. But my Spanish was not good enough to ask more detailed questions.

MP805 Thank you for the validation of Alberto's superb craftsmanship and kindness.

ESL TEACHER Thank you for the kind words. I just got an email from a friend that his wife had an identical family heirloom menorah from Europe! Our family story had it as being nothing special. But now I want to know more. I just knew that it belong to my mother's parents. And they had gotten it from a friend of theirs.

JB86 Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately, real estate agents are rarely interested in helping renters like Alberto. They just want big commissions for selling buildings. I think this will be very difficult and I hope someone has a specific lead.

RockwellBAD2 Mar 20, 2021 12:24 PM
Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move

Cool pictures. I love when a house is moved and gets a new lease on life. The house that was moved to its new location was originally located on Old Coast Highway near Salinas Street. The distance the house traveled to its new location at Olive Street and de la Guerra Street was slightly over 2 miles. Phenomenal.!! Imagine the stories that house could tell. And all the people that traveled past that house when Old Coast Highway was the thoroughfare.

mp805 Mar 20, 2021 12:11 PM
Plating Craftsman Alberto and Surprise House Move

Last year had Alberto redo a bench vise and it came out like new. Amazing customer service, expert craftsman and a great family business...wishing them the best and hope they land on their feet.

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