Platforms, Hendry's, Cave Fire

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By John Wiley

Friday was not a fly day. That is, winds on the ground were in a different direction from those aloft, and the latter were quite strong. 

The result was an unpleasant ride for most pilots. Still, we managed to get up above the turbulence and get a few fascinating pix in fairly calm air. The oil platforms off Carp were peeking through the fog, as was Hendry's. The clear air offered up a few more pix of the Cave Fire burn area. The grasses on the San Marcos Foothills are already greening up from the rain, but the chaparral on the mountains still shows how close it came to Painted Cave.

Once again, I've pumped the burn pix to better distinguish the charred areas.

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taz Dec 17, 2019 12:17 AM
Platforms, Hendry's, Cave Fire

Love the pictures! There's such a soft close feeling in the fog photos. The oil platforms looks sort of magical. peaking out as they do. The beach is lovely too, looks like a black-&-white photo! And then the brilliant clarity of the Cave Fire outlines is so informative - and pretty! Thank you :)

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