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Can edhatters help me ID these plants around my house?








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Midday Jun 05, 2020 12:54 PM
Plant ID

#2 looks like Silver Dollar Jade (Crassula arborescens). It's toxic to dogs, cats and horses: "vomiting, upset stomach, and (rarely) tremors, but cats may also show signs of drunkenness after ingestion."

popcorn Jun 05, 2020 08:46 AM
Plant ID

#1 is the beautiful Aeonium arborium var. varigatum also called schwartzkopf (German: black head). It is native to the Canary Islands but thrives in any Mediterranean climate, like ours. Now for a plug: a great plant ID site is Download the app, take a photo + request help with ID. Both a computer program + other plant aficionados can help you figure it out. Great fun!

SoapBox Jun 04, 2020 06:11 PM
Plant ID

It is always helpful to know that Oleander and Nightshade can be toxic in large quantities to humans and pets. Sorry, no herbal teas from this garden.

Lando Jun 04, 2020 08:03 PM
Plant ID

I was reading about the nightshade, says it can be toxic but also says that all kinds of cultures have eaten it going many years back...

Lovebird4 Jun 04, 2020 05:36 PM
Plant ID

3. & 4. Oleander 5. Black nightshade 6. Hairy horseweed or fleabane

JB86 Jun 04, 2020 04:50 PM
Plant ID

.Number 1 looks like Aeonium. I have one that, after 2 years in the ground, put up a large yellow flower cluster. They are from the Canary Islands and do fine planted in soil or pots in SoCal.

chico berkeley Jun 04, 2020 04:32 PM
Plant ID

I have a bunch of the black succulent.It produces large yellow blooms. Aeonium Arboreum I believe.The second one is another succulent, Cotyledon Orbiculata that makes a nice flower stalk as well. Both from South Africa I believe. Actually where most of our succulents come from.I think 5 is a Ribes and the last one is a weed I think. All could be repotted or planted in the yard and do very well here.Even the weed.

a-1594499077 Jun 04, 2020 03:33 PM
Plant ID

3 & 4 look like Oleander. Sorry, I don’t know about the others.

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