Phase One of Courthouse Arch Restoration Complete

Phase One of Courthouse Arch Restoration Complete title=
Photo by Sue Cook
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Source: Santa Barbara Courthouse Legacy Foundation

 We are happy to announce that thanks to your generous donations, CLF’s fundraising efforts, and grant funds procured, we were able to complete Phase I of The Great Arch restoration project!

Before and after photos  

The renowned Great Arch and historic gateway into the Santa Barbara Courthouse, Administration building, Hall of Records, and Sunken Garden had developed a post-historic, blanched coating on its sandstone masonry; greatly compromising its architectural integrity, and creating a risk of ongoing deterioration.  The Courthouse Legacy Foundation (CLF)  contracted with EverGreene Architectural Arts to perform the work to remove the coating and restore The Arch to its original beauty.  

The first phase, which was completed in October, involved the cleaning of the surface soiling and biological growth, with the recommendation to complete annual aqueous cleaning to minimize future accumulations of soiling, deposits and biological growth, as well as modification of the fountain water circulation and purification systems to prevent further deterioration of the sculpted figures on The Arch.  

Conservationists work to remove the white coating and biological debris in October 2020

CLF is now focusing on raising funds to begin Phase II of the Great Arch Restoration project, which will address these maintenance items as well as the reparation of the stone cracks, failed mortar joints, existing erosion and loss of ornamental stone features on The Arch.

More work still needs to be done to preserve our magnificent Courthouse

Our mission to preserve Santa Barbara’s most prominent architectural beauty is not over, and we need your help!  During this giving season, we at CLF appreciate your ongoing support of our efforts.  Please consider a donation to help us to achieve our goal of preserving our City’s treasure and statuesque State and National Historic landmark, The Santa Barbara Courthouse.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!


The Courthouse Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation, preservation, restoration, enhancement, and educational legacy of the Santa Barbara Courthouse.
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a-1610071728 Jan 07, 2021 06:08 PM
Phase One of Courthouse Arch Restoration Complete

Fine. We are continually "restoring" this less than 100 year old building as though it was part of Pompei. Really, get a grip. This ersatz "Spanish" style building is certainly pleasing and it is pretty functional but it is not a remnant of some ancient culture.

Ahchooo Jan 07, 2021 07:55 PM
Phase One of Courthouse Arch Restoration Complete

All buildings require maintenance. Very glad to see this beauty getting attention. I’ll have to look into donating a bit to the foundation that’s funding it.

Channelfog Jan 08, 2021 01:54 AM
Phase One of Courthouse Arch Restoration Complete

The courthouse may be of a young vintage,but it is truly fine. That this triumph of architecture is still a functioning courthouse is amazing and it's beauty softens the blow of jury duty.

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