Pet Costume Contest Winners!

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Update by edhat staff

Wow, we received so many amazing pets in costumes. Ed was so overwhelmed by the task of deciding just one winner that he asked for help from the dedicated edhat staff. The decision-making process turned into intense debates and it was determined that there needed to be more than one winner. 

In our hearts, they're all winners. Adorable pets in equally adorable costumes, what can go wrong? But we had to narrow it down based on pure bias. With that said, we settled on four winners. 

Most Original Winner: Merlin the Skeleton Horse by Lora W.

Most Adorable Ensemble: Rue the Princess by Becca C.

Best Photo Capturing Pet Personality: Harley by Gina S.

Best Pet who Authentically Rocked their Look: Bear by Sophie C.

It was stiff competition, but we flipped many coins to narrow down the winners. Congratulations to the top four standouts who all win passes to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History or Sea Center! 

Original post by edhat staff

Halloween might be over, but we know you have a ton of photos of your pet in their adorable costume. Plus the best part of Halloween, besides going into a sugar-induced candy high, is seeing all the tiny costumes on our fluffiest of pets. 

We're posting photos of your pet, any and all pets, dressed in their finest Halloween garb. Send in your photos to [email protected] to be added below.

Be sure to include your name and email address because on Monday (November 5), Ed will go through and vote on the pet costume he thinks is the best. The owner of the best pet costume will win a family-pack of guest passes to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History or Sea Center!

Here are the current submissions:

Avocado Toast by Leslie M.

Banana and Shark by Jacki C.


Merlin the Skeleton Horse by Lora W.

Rue as Snow White (and part of a larger princess ensemble). Submitted by Becca C.

Spiderdog by Valerie M.

Tinman, Scarecrow, and Dorothy by Jim C.


"Excuse me waiter, I think there's a hair in my sushi." Granger was not pleased with me, but I pay his rent (By Rachel H.)

Princess Harley by Gina S.

 Piper (left) and Tucker (right) as alligators by Kait C.

Elsa as a lovely mermaid by Griselda V.

Tut the Tiger at 13 years young by May O.

Karisma as Duck Dynasty by Sue G.

Rio as a lumberjack by Shareena Y.

Cosette and Maxwell as Robin and The Batman by Mary C.

Snoopy as a pirate. With a perfect black eye patch, could he be anything else for Halloween???  Aarrgghh! By Vicki G.

Reesie, aka SuperPaw--the amazing tripawd! By Susanne W.

Finn as an Icecream Sandwich by Jessica S.

Dusty-Bear by Dee W.

Super Abby by Tammy

Super puppy Luna by Mayra R.

Winston by Carole T.

Cosmo and Popo by Linda P.


Sushi Corgi by Andra R.

Tesla looking sharp as fish bait by Michael R. 

Marty the party animal by Mary Beth A.

Nurse Lexy by Janet D.

Bear in his costume by Sophie C.

Ariel by Melissa C.

Bambi by Jenny S.

Bear piloting the Falcon K9 by Elizabeth S.

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a-1594614860 Nov 05, 2018 08:46 AM
Pet Costume Contest Winners!

Halloween is morphing into such a festive and fun holiday compared to yore. The costumes are all so creative! Going to save them to my desktop for when I need to smile; thanks human creators, animal companions and Edhat!

Ahchooo Nov 04, 2018 08:31 PM
Pet Costume Contest Winners!

Bambi and Skeleton Horse are at the top of my list. Good show, everybody!

a-1594614860 Nov 03, 2018 03:24 AM
Pet Costume Contest Winners!

Rio the Lumberjack, Finn the Ice Cream Sandwich, The Oz Crew (Dorothy, you slay me) and Elsa the Mermaid. But . . . in truth . . . I love them all.

FEK Nov 02, 2018 09:47 AM
Pet Costume Contest Winners!

If you're measuring smiles per mile, the Skeleton Horse who cruised Ballard was definitely the people's choice there.

Flicka Nov 02, 2018 09:25 AM
Pet Costume Contest Winners!

Creative pet owners, fun to see, especially the cats as I can't imagine ours putting up with it. The big dogs all look happy, smiles on them. The horse gets my vote.

SantaBarbaraObserver Nov 02, 2018 09:06 AM
Pet Costume Contest Winners!

Princess Harley for the win! Please do tell, how the heck can you get your cat into a costume?

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