Perseid Meteor Over Santa Barbara

Perseid Meteor Over Santa Barbara title=
Perseid Meteor Over Santa Barbara
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By Chuck Cagara

While I look forward each year to observing the Perseid Meteor Shower, late haze and/or light fog put a damper on this year's display.

Never-the-less, I caught this greenish streak just after midnight before the sky was obscured.

The saving grace for the evening is that great pleasure that always comes from gazing up into the firmament and contemplating its wonders.


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EastBeach Aug 14, 2018 11:55 AM
Perseid Meteor Over Santa Barbara

@OP - I saw a greenish meteor this weekend as well and was wondering whether the color was an optical illusion or real. The green tint does show in your photo. Did you set your camera to shoot at intervals or did you use some kind of trigger?

Curmudgeon Aug 14, 2018 12:06 PM
Perseid Meteor Over Santa Barbara

EASTBEACH - No, the colors are real. This from Accuweather, “Different chemicals in the meteors produce different colors as they burn up while entering the Earth's atmosphere,” Samuhel said. For example, meteors made from primarily calcium will give off a purple or violet color, while those made out of magnesium will appear to have a green or teal color." In my original photo the green is much more pronounced - it lost some contrast/brightness in the posting. I set the camera to shoot at intervals.

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