Pedestrian Struck by Train in Oxnard

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Update by Oxnard Police Department

On 11/7/17, at approximately 1028 hours, Oxnard Police and Fire were dispatched to a train accident involving a pedestrian on Fifth St., east of Rose Ave. Upon arrival, EMS personnel pronounced the victim on scene (a 32-year-old Hispanic male and Oxnard resident).

Preliminary information indicates the victim was jogging alongside the railroad tracks and, for some unknown reason, walked onto the tracks and into the path of an oncoming Amtrak train. An investigation is continuing and witnesses are asked to contact Sergeant Arnett at (805) 385-7763.

By an edhat reader

The Oxnard Police Department is on-scene investigating a fatal collision between an Amtrak passenger train and a pedestrian, on Fifth St., east of Rose Ave. For anyone who is planning on using the Amtrak train today or expecting to pick someone up, it will be severely delayed. 

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tagdes Nov 07, 2017 01:18 PM
Pedestrian Struck by Train in Oxnard

Correction, it's Surfliner 763 to San Luis and at 1:15pm is 1 hr 51 min. late. Read the wrong late train initially.

a-1510097704 Nov 07, 2017 03:35 PM
Pedestrian Struck by Train in Oxnard

I saw the train stopped near the Mission Street exit around 2:30 pm today, thought it was odd. Not sure if it normally stops there?

Roger Nov 08, 2017 10:12 AM
Pedestrian Struck by Train in Oxnard

Kids have been playing chicken with the train near Mission street if they keep it up they will lose sooner or later.

a-1510103952 Nov 07, 2017 05:19 PM
Pedestrian Struck by Train in Oxnard

This is a bad situation not just for those obviously involved, but also for the thousands of people affected by yet another delayed train. It would be cost prohibitive to fence all the tracks, but jeez, if this get any more frequent, Amtrak will have to figure out a solution. I am sad for the person killed, and for the train personnel.

Luvaduck Nov 08, 2017 08:47 AM
Pedestrian Struck by Train in Oxnard

Was the deceased wearing headphones and listening to music or talking to someone via headset? I see many joggers doing this, oblivious to traffic and other dangers that their sense of hearing would alert them to. I discovered how big a role hearing plays as I lost the hearing in one ear. It's so important, I've had to buy hearing aids. (Don't get me started on the cost--must be made of platinum.)

Flicka Nov 08, 2017 09:06 AM
Pedestrian Struck by Train in Oxnard

Whenever you are going to meet a train, or board one, be sure to call and see the time it will pull into the station. Saves waiting, sometimes a long time, for it to arrive. There can be any number of reasons for being late.

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