Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Amtrak Train on Saturday Morning

Railroad tracks between Ceasar Chavez and Milpas Streets (Photo: Geo Duarte)

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November 11, 2023

A pedestrian was struck by an Amtrak train and killed in Santa Barbara on Saturday morning.

Emergency responders were on the scene around 9:45 a.m at the railroad road tracks between S. Milpas and S. Calle Caesar Chavez Streets.

According to emergency scanner traffic, a woman was struck by Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner 761 train heading northbound.

Witnesses reported seeing the woman sitting on the railroad tracks prior to the train’s arrival, according to scanner traffic.

The identity of the victim has yet to be released.

This past Monday a teenager and local high school student died when they were struck by a passing train in the 4500 block of Hollister Ave.

By Tagdes
November 11, 2023

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner 761 was heading northbound from San Diego to SLO when it struck a pedestrian between Milpas and Calle Caesar Chavez in Santa Barbara.

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    • I think cameras with some machine learning integration used by law enforcement + Amtrak could easily fix this issue.

      Detect trespassers before they get hit. Slow trains and remove the trespassers.

      Simple tech, simple solution.

      • Agree, SBStoner. And cameras such as are used in Teslas and other cars. How long does it take a slow-moving train, the speed one is traveling in/through a city, to stop? The trains crossing Milpas heading south do seem to be moving rapidly. Is this a statewide, a national problem? There seem to be a lot of suicide by train in this area.

      • Prisons keep people in.
        Not what I’m saying.
        If we have to put up a barrier at Cold Springs, IV cliffs,why not there?
        Ever drive the 210 freeway?
        Train runs down the middle of the highway and is basically a “Prison” and they seem to figure out how to make assess for emergencies just fine.
        Beyond your “Education” I guess. Sheesh

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