Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision title=
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision
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Update by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
November 5, 2021

The Coroner's Bureau is releasing the name of the pedestrian decedent from the vehicle vs pedestrian on 11/4/21 on Las Positas near Stanley in Santa Barbara. The decedent is 49-year-old Shelby Catherine Brady of Santa Barbara.

Update by Santa Barbara Police Department
November 5, 2021

On November 4, 2021, around 6:30pm, Santa Barbara Police Officers, City Fire Department, and AMR Paramedics responded to the area of Las Positas Road and Stanley Avenue for a report of a serious traffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian.

When officers arrived on scene, they located an unresponsive female north of Stanley Avenue laying in the roadway. Officers conducted CPR until paramedics arrived on scene. Tragically the female passed away from their injuries sustained in the collision.

The driver of the vehicle immediately pulled over and contacted the Combined Communications Center to report the accident. DUI does not appear to be a factor in this collision.

During the initial phase of this investigation, it is believed the female was several dozen feet north of Stanley Avenue and started crossing the roadway from the east side of the street to the west when she was stuck by a large pickup truck driving north on Las Positas Road.

Las Positas Road was closed from Stanley Avenue to McCaw Avenue for approximately 6 hours while the Critical Accident Reconstruction Team conducted their initial investigation.

This case is currently active and no other information can be released at this time. The pedestrians name is being withheld pending notification of family.

If anyone witnessed the collision, please contact the Santa Barbara Police Department – 805-897-3719.

Reported by Scanner Andrew
6:30 p.m., November 4, 2021

Report of a vehicle vs pedestrian at Las Positas Road and Stanley Drive.

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fitz Nov 05, 2021 08:01 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Please give more details as they come out. I think there should be "no turn" signs along Las Positas where you have these narrow poorly lit residential streets. Stanley is especially problematic because of the bulbouts. Dead end it at Las Positas. Make cars use major roads all the way to the lights. Since Trader Joes went in, people are using narrow Samarkand roads to avoid lights. AND lower the speed limit on Las Positas. You have a dangerous situation created for those going to/fro Adams School. They need an 'overpass' in front of the school.

sbmh2015 Nov 05, 2021 09:07 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Improvements were already made in that area. It is actually a lot better with dedicated left turn lane into Samarkand neighborhood. They will not lower the spread limits on Las Positas. Traffic department already said that multiple times. Pedestrian was standing in middle of the lane per other news reports. I think we should wait for more information.

fitz Nov 05, 2021 09:48 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

A dedicated left turn that takes you into a narrow residential road. Under Safe Routes to Schools, Las Positas needs major changes for the safety of the school children who attend Adams School. Maybe it was 'improved' years ago but that was then. There are grants out there for Save Routes to School and also Vision Zero. Is Las Positas still a state road? or is it City? We have new people in the traffic/circulation dept. so this stretch of Las Positas between the 101 and State St. needs more attention. I know the parents at Adams School would support this.

sbmh2015 Nov 05, 2021 10:50 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

And this accident had nothing to do with left turn or anything. The guy was driving on Las Positas and pedestrian was crossing or standing in road. Unavoidable by the driver

MarcelK Nov 07, 2021 09:07 PM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

"I think we should wait for more information."

Yeah, right:

"Unavoidable by the driver"

"This is exactly what I was thinking. He tends to stand in the middle of the street frequently. I've seen that numerous times. My gosh. How awful"

d8vanilla Nov 05, 2021 08:31 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

@FITZ - I remember when they installed those horrible idiotic bulb-outs on Stanley.... Screwed up the parking, and made it unsafe, because of driving into oncoming traffic. Surprised they don't have more accidents on that street. Surprised those are still there! My friend ended up moving .....

Eggs Ackley Nov 06, 2021 08:31 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

This comment doesn’t measure up. There is plants of room for two cars to pass on Stanley. It’s the drivers who won’t STAY IN YOUR LANE that are the problem. Do you drive into incoming traffic? Why? Can’t negotiate an 11’ wide lane in your 7’ wide car? Suggest retake your vision and driving tests to see if your skills are up to the task.

tagdes Nov 05, 2021 11:55 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

It states "down in the roadway" in the first comment, that would be pavement in this case as opposed to dirt, lawn or sidewalk and also so says between Stanley and Macaw. It's also shown by the photo to be 200+or- northerly of Stanley.

sbdude Nov 05, 2021 02:06 PM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

They need a sidewalk on the east side of Las Positas Rd from State all the way up to Stanley. The sidewalk ends and what do you do? Go all the way back to the light on State or in front of the school to cross? With that said, a stop light there at Stanley and Las Positas Rd. would be a major improvement. Not only would this make it safer for cars turning left and right on Las Positas from Stanley, but pedestrians need something closer than going all the way down to the light in front of the school. I see people crossing near there and Macaw to get to the park all the time.

sbmh2015 Nov 05, 2021 02:36 PM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Looks like the woman lived right near there on Las Positas. They won't put a light in there. It's been turned down multiple times from the city transportation department. They refuse. But agree about the sidewalk.

RHS Nov 06, 2021 10:27 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Yes, the city has been decades slow in installing sidewalks needed for pedestrian safety. This is a blatant example. Yet we have millions for bicycle dedicated speedways? Something is tilted.

Shame Nov 06, 2021 02:02 PM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Your very right d8vanilla. We live up in this area that corner is awful because of those bulb outs. Neighbors are polite but I can tell you people cutting through at 40 mph don’t yield can’t tell you how often someone cuts so close rather than just yielding. The woman who was instrumental in getting those put in lives on Stanley and did it to stop speeding. I have never seen firetrucks go that way. RIP my neighbor

fitz Nov 07, 2021 07:33 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Another issue up there is the 5 way intersection at Stanley and Samarkand Drive. There are stop signs at each intersection. I stood there once waiting for kids and I don't think one car actually came to a full stop. A few did not even use their brakes......they just rolled through. You have kids walking home from school, lots of dog walkers, residents, pedestrians. I have called traffic dept. and they promised to look into it. I see no changes. At least put in full cross walks. And of course "Slow Down Santa Barbara". Safe Routes to School needs to do a full evaluation of Adams School routes of local children. Yes, RIP to our neighbor.

Takane Nov 07, 2021 07:36 AM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Can't believe it. Shelby was such an awesome person beloved by so many in Santa Barbara. As far as I know she grew up in that house with her father on Stanley. What a tradegy, what a loss, RIP sister.

Basicinfo805 Nov 07, 2021 06:35 PM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Terrible tragedy. But you cannot try and cross Las Positas in the dark/dusk on foot. We can't have stoplights or stop signs at every other intersection. It's just not realistic to suggest that. I don't think any of us will ever know what the circumstances were exactly here, but it's just sad for everyone involved.

ZeroHawk Nov 18, 2021 03:44 PM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

and you also can't expect people to walk 6 to 7 blocks to cross a street when their home is right there. there needs to be more lights, crosswalks and slower speeds on LP.

ZeroHawk Nov 18, 2021 02:11 PM
Pedestrian Identified in Fatal Las Positas Collision

Shelby was a close friend of mine and I've known her since about 1986. I didn't know this was her accident, i didn't even know she was gone until i picked up the independant today and saw her obit. i'm just gutted right now. :( poor shelby. what was she doing? did she just cross stanley or las positas? i stayed at her home for several nights years ago. RIP dear friend <3

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