Paul Casey Removed from Sexual Harassment Suit Against Santa Barbara

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Update by Christina Humphrey Law, representing Jennifer Tomaszewski

Jennifer Tomaszewski has filed a First Amended Complaint against the City of Santa Barbara removing Paul Casey, the City Administrator, as a named Defendant. The factual allegations of Ms. Tomaszewski’s complaint regarding Mr. Casey’s involvement in the case have not changed.

Unfortunately, changes to the discrimination and retaliation laws over the years make it very difficult to hold a person in Mr. Casey’s position personally culpable for acts of retaliation and discrimination.

This does not mean that the City cannot be potentially held liable for any of its employees’ alleged retaliatory or discriminatory acts.  Ms. Tomaszewski, who for months quietly attempted to discuss her claims with the City before filing suit, has chosen to focus her claims against the City of Santa Barbara as a measure of good faith and to focus efforts on instituting change at the City.

Source: City of Santa Barbara

On June 28, 2021, Plaintiff Jennifer Tomaszewski, the current Santa Barbara City Finance and Treasury Manager, filed a First Amended Complaint removing City Administrator Paul Casey as a named defendant in her lawsuit against the City.

In response to the filing of the Amended Complaint, Linda C. Miller Savitt, of the Ballard Rosenberg Golper & Savitt law firm, counsel for the City of Santa Barbara, stated that “I am pleased that I was able to convince Ms. Tomaszewski’s attorney that Paul Casey was an improperly named Defendant and she has now dismissed him.”


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a-1625359923 Jul 03, 2021 05:52 PM
Paul Casey Removed from Sexual Harassment Suit Against Santa Barbara

Has nothing to do with getting her story straight and everything to do with how the legal process works. For civil suits, you cast a wide net and work your way down from there. No need to imply the sexual harassment victim is lying when you know quite absolutely nothing.

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